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Mariah Carey reveals her wedding diet

Mariah Carey is about to tie the knot for the third time... but she wants to look as good as the first!

The songstress is set to wed Aussie billionaire James Packer, and she plans to look exceptional.

Sitting down with Sharon Osbourne, the 46-year-old admitted she is consciously trying to get back into shape.

“I’ve been pretty consistent with this bleak diet that I am on,” she explained.

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Back in March, Mimi spoke to the Sunday Times of her radical new diet that she credited for her svelte new frame.

“Yes. My diet is very bleak,” she told the publication.

“I overuse the word because there is a lot of bleakness going on. My bleak diet is horrendous, but I don’t want to tell anyone about it because it’s none of their business.”

Adding, “I am a pretty insecure person. I just don’t want people commenting.”

What a difference a year makes! Mariah has transformed since the 2015 Billboard Awards [L]. She was spotted [R] at Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show with a slimmer frame.

But it seems the music legend is getting more confident in herself, and it is certainly helping that she has clear goal in mind.

Sharon asked her if the wedding is now her main inspiration driving her lifestyle overhaul.

“You know, it was the whole situation that made me want to try and be better for all,” she responded. “And then we do have to get fittings and dresses!”

Aside from the all the wedding planning, the diva that is Mariah has a lot happening right now.

The mum-of-two is currently amidst her divorce proceedings, raising her five-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan, all while slaying her Las Vegas residency.

Mariah hopes to marry her billionaire beau within the year.

And let’s not forget about her upcoming eight-part documentary, Mariah’s World!

“There’s a lot on my plate!”

You’re telling us!

For all things Mariah, check out the trailer her brand new show in the player below.

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