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A generous gesture: Maggie Beer voluntarily hands back her JobKeeper profits

The iconic chef has been praised for demonstrating ''admirable corporate citizenship.''
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Big companies that made profits during Covid but still received JobKeeper payments haven’t been forced to pay back their profits, but Maggie Beer has proven she is as generous as we hoped and has paid back every cent.

On September 14, it became mandatory for listed companies to disclose their wage subsidies. It had also been advised by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission that the information had to include if repayments were made.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that Maggie’s gourmet food company had been given $820,500 over fiscal during both 2020 and 2021 that has all been paid back.

Speaking to NCA NewsWire, Labor MP Andrew Leigh congratulated Maggie and her company for the impressive move.

“Maggie Beer has demonstrated admirable corporate citizenship by voluntarily handing back JobKeeper support that it didn’t need,” he stated.

“No one will ever be forced to repay JobKeeper, but it’s terrific to see firms like Maggie Beer doing the right thing.”

The politician added: “I’ll be buying some extra Maggie Beer products as Christmas gifts, and I’m sure many shoppers will likewise choose to reward their ethical decision.”

“It’s terrific to see firms like Maggie Beer doing the right thing.”

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2020 was a particularly tough year for Maggie.

Not only did she and many other businesses deal with the coronavirus lockdown, but in February her beloved daughter, Saskia, passed away aged 46.

Speaking to The Weekly in November last year, the TV chef that despite her grief, she was “so taken aback” by the support of thousands paying their respects.

“It was something that was so extreme – in the numbers of people and the real understanding of Saskia’s contribution. She had done so much in that short life. The support was huge and wonderful and really unbelievable.”

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In exciting news, however, 2022 will see the return of The Great Australian Bake Off which Maggie and co-judge Matt Moran will be back for.

“Filming has officially begun, and we can’t wait for you to see what our talented bakers are doing in 2022!”

The Great Australian Bake Off will air on Foxtel in early 2022 – sign up for Foxtel here!

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