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Leisel Jones addresses her feud with Stephanie Rice

Olympic swimmer Leisel Jones has revealed why she and her and former team mate, Stephanie Rice, had bad blood.
Leisel Jones and Stephanie Rice

In a new interview with the Daily Telegraph‘s Sydney Confidential the retired athlete has admitted their personalities simply didn’t gel.

“It’s not all rosy for professional athletes,” the 30-year-old mused.

While the pair spent a lot of time together when they were both in the Australian swim team, Leisel told the publication these days “don’t have a lot to do with each other.”

The feud was first brought to light in Leisel’s memoir Body Lengths, where she spoke of her relationship with her London Olympics team mates as being “toxic”.

Stephanie, 27, was accused of being the “ringleader” and making “hurtful” remarks about Leisel’s style and eating habits behind her back.

“A lot of people say feud, but most of the story was lessons that I’d learnt along the way,” Leisel explained.

She added, “I didn’t write it to be nasty, I wanted to show how it’s not all rosy for professional athletes.”

Leisel described her relationship with former team mates as “toxic”.

Meanwhile, US-based Stephanie has publicly denied any hard feelings between them.

“I don’t really know because all I’ve seen is what you’ve probably seen in the press and, to be honest, like who would want to reply to that,” she told Nova FM in December.

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