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“Do I let him experience it?” Katie Price has considered hiring a prostitute for disabled son

The former glamour model insists she wouldn’t allow it before the age of 18.
Katie Price, Loose Women

Katie Price has revealed she’s considered hiring a prostitute for her disabled son, Harvey.

Katie, 39, made the comments on Wednesday’s episode of Loose Women — a chat show which promises to tackle hot topics and gossip.

“Harvey is 15 now. Naturally at 15 you go through puberty and it’s natural to experiment with yourself… Is it fair for him to experience it?” she asked the panel.

Harvey — whose dad is Katie’s ex, former soccer star Dwight Yorke — suffers from Prader Willi syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes impaired intellectual development, limited physical mobility and obesity among other symptoms.

The teenager is also on the autism spectrum and suffers from a condition known as septo-optic dysplasia, which affects the development of his optic nerve.

Katie, previously known by the pseudonym Jordan, recalled discussing the subject with her husband Kieran Hayler — who she claims introduced the idea.

“Kieran joked, ‘Shall we get him a prostitute for his 18th birthday?’ And I was like, ‘Well that’s my little Harvey!’” she said. “He hasn’t got a clue about that side, but then do you bring it on? What do you do, do I leave it? Do I let him experience it?”

WATCH: Katie Price made the controversial comments while appearing on a UK chat show. Post continues…

Kathy Lette, author and fellow guest, whose own son, Julius, is on the autism spectrum admitted that she too had contemplated the idea.

She said: “I think you wait and see if he’s angst ridden about it and if it’s an issue for him. And for Jules it really was.”

Following the comments, the revealing interview was forced off air due to “technical difficulties.”

Katie is pictured with her son, Harvey.

Katie has previously confessed that she can’t bear the thought of putting Harvey into respite care.

Speaking to a psychologist on her show Katie Price: In Therapy, the television personality described caring for Harvey whilst also being a mum to four other children as “a challenge”.

“So many people use respite to have a break with their kids but I won’t do it, I don’t want to leave him,” she said in 2015. “I won’t do respite with him yet. I don’t want to feel like I am letting him down by letting him go while I go and have fun with the others.”

Katie shares the teenager with her ex, former soccer star Dwight Yorke.

Katie is also mum to Junior, 12, and Princess, 10, whose father is Aussie pop star Peter Andre, plus Jett, three, and Bunny, two, who were fathered by her current husband Kieran Hayler.

She explained that her other children – particularly Junior – are understanding that she can’t always do things like other mums.

“Junior wants me to watch him play football on a Sunday but he knows that I can’t if Harvey doesn’t want to go,” she said. “If he doesn’t want to go, he will smash the car up. And I don’t want to leave Harvey with someone so I can go.”

She added: “It’s a challenge… but I would never change it. Ever.”

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