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Will Kate Ritchie and Stuart Webb’s marriage secrets be exposed?

With her husband in court this week, the star is concerned their private lives will be made public.
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As her husband Stuart Webb prepares for a court battle to avoid jail for drink driving, Kate Ritchie must be preparing for details of their marriage to be made public.

Given past reports of “relationship problems” there is speculation Stuart may need to refer to these when he appears in court to face allegations he was driving over the limit on a suspended licence.

“Kate is keeping a very low profile and preparing for the worst,” confirms a close family friend, who claims this may prove to be the final straw in what has reportedly been a complicated marriage.

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Out of control

Having spent years trying to avoid his careless behaviour and drinking being made public, the usually private Kate is likely “terrified” Stuart will need to air their dirty linen in court.

“She must be hoping this will be the wake-up call Stuart needs, while also being incredibly worried private details of their marriage will be raised in court as part of his defence.”

There has been speculation their marriage has been fraught with problems ever since they tied the knot in September, 2010, with ex-NRL star Stuart struggling to cope with his role as “Mr Ritchie.”

Despite having lived in the public eye for more than 30 years since starring as young Sally Fletcher in Home And Away, Kate is notoriously private about her marriage.

Stuart, Kate and daughter Mae appear to be a united family unit at an event. (Image: Getty)

And Stuart, 38, has struggled to build a new career since his glory days playing for the Dragons, Rabbitohs and Roosters. Friends claim he has long had a problem with alcohol.

“Stu is essentially a kept man,” says the friend.

“He doesn’t have a lot of control over many aspects of their life, especially financially and sometimes he just snaps and goes out drinking.”

It’s rumoured that Kate, 40, has spent years working on their marriage, at times turning a blind eye to his behaviour, while also attempting marriage counselling.

Friends say Stuart often spends time at their holiday home in the NSW Southern Highlands, while Kate remains at their Sydney home with their four-year-old daughter Mae.

This recent incident could be the straw that broke the camel’s back. (Image: @kateritchieofficial/Instagram)

Latest antics

But could this latest scandal push Kate to call it quits?

Stuart was arrested on March 26 after he was pulled over by police in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for allegedly running a red light – and allegedly recorded 0.083 when he was breath tested.

It’s also alleged he was driving, even though his licence was suspended.

“Kate’s always so worried the media will find out more about their life.” (Image: @kateritchieofficial/Instagram)

“Kate’s always so worried the media will find out more about their life, which she likes to keep so private,” our source says.

“But she can’t do that this time and Stuart may feel he has to point to the pressure he feels being married to one of Australia’s biggest and highest paid stars as part of his defence.”

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