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Kate Moss ditches her 28-year-old toy boy for an even younger catch!

The supermodel has been caught cosying up to the son of a friend.

She’s known for being able to snag handsome, young men with her beguiling looks, but have Kate Moss’s cradle snatching ways gone too far?

Her most recent boyfriend, Count Nikolai von Bismarck was 28 years old, compared to Kate’s 42 years but her new rumoured romantic lead is just 18!

Jake finished high school a year ago.

The willowy blonde was spotted zipping around the Cotswolds in a sleek topless vintage MG with a (very) young lad by the name of Jake Curtis.

Jake is the barely adult son of Kate’s close friend Richard Curtis, the director of the smash hit film Love Actually.

And the young man looked plenty happy to be accompanying Kate on her travels in the wake of her split from party boy Nikolai.

Richard Curtis and wife Emma have been friends with Kate since before the birth of their son in 1997.

“Yes, it is true that she and Nikolai are not currently together,” a friend of Kate’s confessed.

“And it’s also true that she’s been enjoying spending time with Jake, who is clearly potty about her.”

“She’s had a thing about younger men ever since she hit 30. It’s like a badge of honour to her that she’s with the hip young crowd and not turning into an old fogey.”

But is the age gap this time just a bit too much?

It was only last year that Jake was still in high school. And rather than entering the workforce or moving forward to university studies, he’s decided to take a gap year to let off some lose steam.

And who better to let it off with than one of the sexiest women in the world?

As far as their relationship goes, Jake remained coy, simply delivering a “no comment” when asked of the fling.

But his sister Scarlett couldn’t contain the news anymore.

She spilled everything on social media with the comment “They say gap years are all about finding yourself, about discovering who you are, and it appears Jake Curtis has finally found his true self…”

Nikolai von Bismarck was Kate’s former flame

The 20-year-old went on to poke fun at her brother filling the shoes of Kate’s last toy boy, posting “Count Nikolai von Bismarck, it’s a pleasure to welcome you to the family…”

The children’s father Richard and his wife Emma Freud have been friends with Kate since before either of their kids were born.

Awkwardly, Richard has previously admitted to having an enduring crush on the leggy blonde at various times in his career.

He even admitted to writing “Kate Moss” characters into most of his films.

We’re not so sure he’s going to be proclaiming the new relationship as Love Actually quite as soon as young Scarlett.

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