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Jessica Rowe’s early career was stinted after being told “you are a woman”

''Use your voice.''
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With hard work and dedication, Jessica Rowe has become one of Australia’s more well known journalists but being a woman was almost a disadvantage after she claims she wasn’t allowed to open the Channel 10 news.

In 1996, Jess co-hosted Sydney’s 5pm bulletin with Ron Wilson where the boss, who remains unnamed, allegedly stated the now 52-year-old was being sidelined due to her gender.

She was six years into the role at the time.

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Jess claims her boss said: “Well lovely, that’s because Ron’s a man and you are a woman.”

The mum to two girls made the claims while speaking on her podcast The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show in a special International Women’s Day edition. A few years into her career, she then chose to “stand up” for herself.

“When I first began, I needed to earn my stripes. But come on, six years into the role,” she said.

“I wasn’t going to make a fuss, I wasn’t going to make a noise, but now was the time to stand up.”

“You are a woman.”

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Jess said she then consulted her HR department regarding the encounter with her boss and the next day she was allowed to open the Channel 10 news.

Despite the incredible win for Jess’ career, she claimed her co-host Ron wasn’t as impressed with the sudden change and didn’t speak to her for “around six weeks.”

“I didn’t care though… Get loud. Use your voice and call out discrimination this International Women’s Day,” she said.

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Jess, who is married to news anchor Peter Overton, departed Network Ten in 2005 and joined the Today Show with Karl Stefanovic.

Despite facing some unique challenges in her career, Jess who now labels herself as a “crap housewife” has most certainly earned an incredible reputation in both her career and personal life.

She has released a cookbook in partnership with The Australian Women’s Weekly and has become a mum’s go-to for great tips!

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