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Hugh Sheridan gets close to Jess Marais’ girl

The actor gets cosy on the beach with a woman linked to his friend Jess Marais.
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As they nuzzled in close at the beach on a glorious Sydney spring day, it was clear Hugh Sheridan and Shannon Dooley had sizzling chemistry.

But those close to Hugh were quick to point out his former Packed To The Rafters co-star Jessica Marais wasn’t with them on the fun day out.

In January, Woman’s Day revealed Jess and Shannon had become incredibly close.

Images of the pair hitting the waves sparked speculation they were more than friends and they were spotted together many times.

Now, Hugh’s flirty day out with Shannon has fans wondering about a love triangle.

“They were all over each other – it was like there was no one else on the beach,” a witness tells Woman’s Day.

“It’s obvious Hugh really cares about Shannon, and she was loving the attention.”

Hugh and Shannon share a mutual friend through Jess Marias.

However Jess, pictured centre next to Shannon and Hugh, was nowhere to be seen during their beach date.

The pair looked very cosy during a recent outing to a Sydney beach.

Look away now, Delta Goodrem!

In January, a source told Woman’s Day that Shannon, who runs ’80s aerobics group Retrosweat, 
was a breath of fresh air for Jess, who hadn’t been seen with anyone else since her 2015 split from fiance James Stewart.

“Shannon makes her laugh and feel young and free,” the insider said.

“The last anyone heard, Shannon and Jess were still really close, so it was a bit of a shock to hear Hugh was hanging out with Shannon, and Jess was nowhere to be seen,” one source told us last week.

“You have to wonder if she knew about their little rendezvous. It’s strange they left her out, and even stranger they looked so cosy.”

Sun safety first!

The dance instructor made sure Hugh was layered up in suncream.

Onlookers tell us the duo were very cosy.

Meanwhile Hugh’s love-life has become something of a mystery.

For some time he has been linked to Aussie starlet Delta Goodrem, but just last month Woman’s Day revealed jealousy appeared to be tearing them apart.

“Delta gets pretty jealous when Hugh cosies up with other women,” says a friend close 
to her.

For the full story on this bizarre love triangle, get the new issue of Woman’s Day – on sale now!

The actor soaks up the sun.


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