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Christie Brinkley and John Mellencamp end their relationship

The supermodel and the singer have decided to part ways after only one year together.
Christie Brinkley and John Mellencamp

Christie Brinkley and John Mellencamp have reportedly called it quits on their relationship after one year together.

A rep for the pair confirmed the news to People magazine.

The couple released a statement to the public about the shock break-up.

“Both the mileage between their homes and their heavy career demands interfered with their ability to maintain the relationship,” a rep for the stars revealed.

“They vowed to remain best of friends.”

Here’s what you need to know about the breakup in the clip below. Post continues.

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The pair had been spending a lot of time apart because of their busy careers.

The 62-year-old supermodel had been busy promoting her line of Prosecco, called Bellissima.

Meanwhile John has reportedly been touring non-stop.

The 64-year-old singer was set to resume his tour of the US during the American summer.

John was previously with actress Meg Ryan from 2011-2014, while Christie divorced her husband Peter Cook in 2008.

“Meg is an angel. She was just an angel sent to me at the right time. We tried to have a relationship for three years – long distance,” John reflected shortly after his split with Meg during a chat on the Howard Stern Show.

Christie has been pouring her time into her wine label launch.

Christie has previously confessed that she didn’t really think the two were suited when they first met.

“I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re really opposites. He’s kind of a throwback from another time, like a silent cowboy,’ ” she revealed to People. “But then we talked and realized that we do have a lot of shared interests.”

Christie must be heartbroken by the split.

The blonde stunner had previously been pushed to say whether she thought she and John would ever tie the knot.

“You never really know what’s going to happen,” she said at the time.

“John and I are two people that have very full lives. We’re just trying to enjoy each other when we can see each other and try not to put too much [pressure] on it.”

Could we have seen this coming? Watch Christie and John’ body language in the video below.

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