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Cameron Daddo and Ed O’Neill: We’re best mates!

Cameron Daddo and Ed O’Neill: We're best mates!

Just 12 months ago, Cameron Daddo was jobless and broke … then he met the Modern Family star.

Aussie actor Cameron Daddo can thank his 10-year-old son River for helping get his Hollywood career back on track, after he faced losing his home when the work dried up.

It was through River’s friendship with actor Ed O’Neill’s daughter Sophia, 11, that Cam met the Modern Family star at the lowest point of his professional life – and generous Ed stepped in with solid advice and the hand of friendship.

“Our kids just really hit it off,” explains Cam, 45, in an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day at Ed’s Santa Monica home. Sophia and River have attended the same Los Angeles school for the past five years, but it wasn’t until they both enrolled in circus classes last year that their dads got together.

“You can never really dictate who your kids choose as friends. You can only hope they’ll pick kids whose parents you’ll also enjoy spending time with, because you’ll be seeing a lot of those people!” laughs Ed.

“While our children learned the trapeze, did acrobatics and walked on stilts, Ed and I shared stories about our lives and work,” Cam says. “I found Ed to be such a kind, loyal and supportive bloke. It’s been a challenge finding work here, and Ed, bless him, took my headshot into Modern Family and sang my praises. Maybe, in some way, Ed’s faith in me has changed my luck.”

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