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EXCLUSIVE: Bonnie Sveen spills on her game-changing TV WEEK Logie Award, and finally reveals if she’ll ever return to Home and Away

Is the beloved Ricky Sharpe about to make a grand return to The Bay?
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Life unfolds in unique ways for former Home and Away actress Bonnie Sveen.

When she famously won a TV WEEK Logie Award back in 2014, it feels like both yesterday, and a lifetime ago.

“I found that experience to be confronting, nerve-wracking and exciting all at the same time,” Bonnie admits to TV WEEK.

Speaking of the humbling experience, Bonnie says she couldn’t quite believe her ears.

“Being awarded in front of Australia’s TV greats was mind-blowing.” She says.

“I also felt a huge sense of personal achievement and pride.”

Bonnie’s Logie Award win was a game-changer for the home-grown actress.

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In her acceptance speech, Bonnie thanked viewers for “warmly embracing a natural and healthy young woman” – bravely calling out the body shaming she’d faced.

The actress says she’s still glad she made her comments.

“If I felt even the tiniest bit discriminated against then – as a white, able-bodied woman with what’s called a ‘normal’ BMI [body mass index] – then what chance has anyone else got?” she says.

“I felt it was important to address that. No-one should feel the need to be anything different other than what they are.”

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After Home and Away, Bonnie welcomed identical twin daughters Emerald and Myrtle.


Bonnie starred as Ricky Sharpe in Home And Away for another two years before leaving the Bay in 2016.

She’s since moved home to Tasmania and had identical twin daughters Emerald and Myrtle.

“It’s been a little while since I frocked up for a red carpet,” Bonnie says with a laugh, adding that her Logie is safely stored in her girls’ bedroom.

Bonnie was a well-loved character on Home and Away.

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Despite now living “super-remotely” an hour south of Hobart with her partner Nathan Gooley, Bonnie is open to returning to Summer Bay.

“Ricky was such a special character,” she says. “I’m so proud of her strength, sass and independence. I can’t say a definite no to playing her again.”

But Bonnie also feels Ricky and Brax’s [Stephen Peacocke] story ended perfectly.

“I think it’s settled and they finished where they were supposed to finish,” she says with a smile. “But never say never!”

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