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Amber Heard just learned about Barnaby’s citizenship snafu…and she’s over the moon

She might still be harbouring a touch of resentment over the whole 'threatening to kill her dogs' fiasco.
Amber Heard rinses Barnaby Joyce over citizenship snafu

The news that good ol’ Barnaby Joyce is a kiwi and most likely not eligible to hold onto his role as deputy prime minister has finally made its way back to his arch nemesis, Amber Heard.

Heard – you’ll remember her from the staged hostage vid – has just learned of the DPM’s crisis and has gone to absolute town on Twitter.

WATCH: The absolute best reactions to Barnaby’s kiwi citizenship.

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Some might have expected her to forget about Joyce trying to literally euthanise her pups, Boo and Pistol, but people don’t just move on from that kind of trauma.


The actress wasn’t done with just the one tweet though, oh no.


The reactions to her sweet, sweet revenge have been just as good.


It’s not just the people on Twitter who have been having a field day with Barnaby’s recent discovery.

BuzzFeed News reported that off-mic Labor MPs began sledging the DPM at the very first opportunity.

When he entered Question Time on Monday, he was greeted with chants of “Baaaaaaaaaaar-naby!” while an opposition backbencher pleaded “Please, no more bleating in the chamber!”

Another called out, “He’s breached as, bro!” while one more demanded to “Vote Jacinda”, referring to NZ Labour leader, Jacinda Ardern.

People have also been quick to dredge up Barnaby’s, well, actually very recent comments about the Greens’ dual citizenship scandal.

Speaking on ABC Radio just a month ago, Barnaby said: “I don’t think for either Scott Ludlam or Larissa Waters there was anything malicious about it. I think merely an oversight, but unfortunately that’s the law.”

“It’s quite clear under Section 44, you can’t be a member of parliament and have dual cirtizensip. It’s black and white,” he added.

“The outcome is black and white. That’s just, that’s just the way it is.”


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