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Alyssa Milano shares breastfeeding moment. Ovaries ache world over.

Just beautiful! Alyssa Milano feeding her newborn daughter is priceless.
Alyssa Milano

Alysso Milano, 41-year-old famed American actress and mother of two, has just shared an intiminate moment with her daughter.

The Charmed star gave birth to her daughter, Elizabella Dylan Bugliari in September after sharing much of her pregnancy to her social media accounts.

Milano shared this gorgeous baby bump photo from her August baby shower. Check out those amazing floral crowns!

‘Mommy and baby are doing wonderfully,’ Milano’s rep commented in a statement in September after her daughter’s birth. Elizabella weighed 3.4 kilograms and was 49.5 cenimeters long.

Milano shared this photo to her Instagram account of her son, Milo, 3, meeting his baby sister for the first time.

Those tiny baby toes and that chubby, preschooler hand is just adorable!

Milano has shared more family photos since the birth of her daughter, including this “Date Night” photo on Instagram.

She captioned the photo; “First night out since Elizabella was born. #PumpAndDump”

But it’s this photo of the celebrity mum so openly and proudly breastfeeding her 2- month-old daughter that has has fans clicking, commenting and sharing like crazy.

We are huge breastfeeding supporters here at M&B. Seeing this beautiful, intimate relationship shared between mum and bub always gets our ovaries aching. This wonderful celebrity moment is no exception.

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