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Zoë Foster Blake shared all the glamour and beauty moments behind-the-scenes of her breathtaking shoot for See Australia

''My husband and I are the luckiest pigs in Australia.''

By Faye Couros
It would be a dream holiday to travel around Australia with a beauty team on hand and for it to be totally paid for by Tourism Australia.
Well, Zoë Foster Blake and husband Hamish Blake got to live those dreams in their reality when they travelled around Australia to film their See Australia campaign in March.
The advertisement was launched to encourage Australian's to travel domestically now that the option to holiday overseas is almost impossible because of the pandemic.
Zoë getting he beauty look done on a boat. Instagram
Zoë treated her fans to some behind-the-scenes moments from her special shoot, and it looks like she had the best time filming with her husband in some of the most breathtaking locations.
In true Zoë style, many of her posts were beauty related, with one hair and makeup session taking place on a bouncing boat.
Zoë captioned the image, "We did hair and makeup on a rocking boat. That was new."
The beauty businesswoman who owns the brand Go-To made sure to assure fans that she made sure to lather herself in SPF.
"Lots of body make up and SPF here," said Zoë.
A fab fashion moment. Instagram
She also revealed a nineties inspired swimming look that will inspire her fans to bring out their neon gear next summer.
In the picture, she has paired a wet suit with a neon pink bikini and swimming goggles.
She captioned the moment, "I got to have a lil' neon '90s moment."
Nude men in the distance. Instagram
One of the locations was filmed on a sandbank, and Zoë revealed a hilarious moment that happened as they strolled along the seemingly quiet bank.
In the picture, Zoë and Blake are holding hands and looking amused at something happening in the distance.
"We are looking at the bucks party who were also on the sand bank to picnic and snorkel. Nude," Zoë revealed.
Early wake ups are a big part of set life. Instagram
Filming a big campaign may look wildly fun, but it's quite a demanding job that includes lots of early mornings.
When Zoë was filming in the Northern Territory at Litchfield National Park, the author had to be in the beauty chair by 4:30 am.
"4:30 AM start means extra glow required," joked Zoë.
Zoë getting ready to brave the waterfall. Instagram
It was hard work for the writer to spend hours swimming in a waterfall as it rained down on her and her husband.
She shared this snap of herself on a boat getting all glammed up before she had to brave her swim.
"@travisbaleke doing his best to get rid of my fringe," wrote Zoë, "Smiling despite fact I am about to be swimming in waterfall in the rain for hours."
Humid hair is a relatable beauty drama. Instagram
She also shared a relatable beauty moment of her hairdresser attempting to fix her hair after a humid cave ruined it.
"Trav making… something despite being in a cave and 400% humidity," Zoë captioned the picture.
The journey clearly was as wonderful for Zoë as it looks on her Instagram because, in one of her final posts, she reflected with high praise on the filming process.
"This smile came with me everywhere. I was in a state of deep joy. Being able to see these places for one, but to be swimming under a magnificent waterfall with my husband and then work with this whole awesome, funny, fun crew… total once in a lifetime stuff," penned Zoë.