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"It’s been bloody tough!" Turia Pitt shares a powerful message on the anniversary of her accident

It's not usually a day she acknowledges, but Turia Pitt has an important message for anyone going through a crappy time.

By Bella Brennan
It's hard to believe it's been six years since the nation first learnt of Turia Pitt's horrific story.
In 2011, Turia was an ambitious and accomplished 24-year-old.
The mining engineer always loved pushing herself to the limit and it was no different when she decided to enter the 100 kilometre ultra-marathon in the Kimberleys.
But on that fateful day, disaster struck when Turia became trapped in an aggressive bushfire which saw her suffer burns to 65 per cent of her body, lose several fingers and spend a gruelling five months in hospital recovering.
This weekend marked six years since Turia's life changed forever and the mum-to-be marked the somewhat surreal occasion with a message of hope for everyone going through dark times.
"I’ve never felt compelled to acknowledge the anniversary, but it’s been six years today since I was trapped in a grassfire competing in an ultra marathon," Turia explained, alongside a photo of her with fiance Michael Hoskin.
"It’s been bloody tough and there's been massive lows, but I’ve managed to rebuild my life and I can honestly say, I’ve never been happier."
She concluded: "So, this post is for anyone going through a rough patch or a shit time - hang in there, surround yourself with good people and never lose hope for your future ❤️"

Michael also took to Instagram to praise his incredibly strong partner.
Alongside a loved-up selfie of the pair, Michael said: "Six years ago you tried to steal our life together. F--- you fire!!!!"
"Grateful for the tenacity of the human spirit, we are happy and loving life."
Indeed, the pair have so much to look forward to as they count down to the arrival of their son and tying the knot.

And despite Turia's terrifying brush with death back in 2011, the much-loved Aussie has one of the most optimistic attitudes you’ll ever come across.
In fact, this remarkable woman has simply grabbed life with both hands, soldiered on with business and kicked some spectacular goals while she’s at it.
From her awesome charity work to her superwoman-level of fitness, Turia's determination continues to leave us in awe.
“I know it's hard to say I'm lucky, but I am lucky cause the situation could have been a lot worse," she told 60 Minutes in 2012 when reflecting on her life-changing accident.

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