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Inspirational Turia Pitt shows off her beautiful baby bump

Australia's ultimate survivor is in full bloom, and it's wonderful to watch!

By Chloe Lal
The nation's hero is about to take on the biggest adventure... Motherhood.
Turia Pitt, who is expecting her first child with fiance Michael Hoskins, has been documenting her remarkable pregnancy on social media.
On Wednesday, the 29-year-old posted an Instagram story of her stunning belly.
The snap shows Turia with her hands firmly placed on her hips, wearing a black crop-top and colourful board shorts.
Proudly showing off her bub-to-be, the star penned, rather fittingly, "Burgeoning baby bump," capped off with three baby emojis.
Turia suffered burns to 65% of her body during an ultra-marathon in September 2011.
But the pro-athlete smashed the odds, and in June she revealed on 60 Minutes that she was expecting.
“Can I just say I’m pregnant? We’re having a baby," Turia told reporter Allison Langdon.
Turia surprised her husband-to-be by leaving the pregnancy test out on the sink, which he spotted while he was brushing his teeth.

"When that first test came through I was just like 'f*'. Then I thought I needed to stay calm," the motivational speaker explained of her reaction.
The author recently shared the sweetest gender reveal in a darling Instagram post.
Turia is expecting a little boy and her husband-to-be is overjoyed!
“Michael knew the gender and when you watch the video he is jumping up and down going totally crazy. I just felt like it was a boy,” she said during a chat on the Today show.
Turia proudly showed off her baby bump for the first time in July.
And just like many expectant mums, she's not exactly prepared.
“I haven't got anything ready. I haven't bought anything, I haven't done the room, probably just the week before I will go, ah ah, there is a kid on the way.”
The expectant mum can certainly feel her son's presence.
“He is kicking, so I can feel him moving around,” she explained.
“I felt really great this whole pregnancy, I felt really smug, like, yeah, this has been a dream pregnancy. I have still been able to exercise and everything.
“But in the past couple of weeks I have started to feel quite sick. Now I have empathy for [other] women.”

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