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The awkward moment anti-fur protesters confronted Kim Kardashian at her book signing

It’s not often you get called a “murderer” at a book signing but that’s what happened to Kim Kardashian when anti-fur protesters crashed her big day.

By Blake Nadilo
They seemed to be ordinary fans at Kim Kardashian’s book signing for her latest project Selfish, that was until they got to the front of the line.
The protesters told a poised Kim: “you are the most disgusting human being on the entire planet.”
“Shame on you for supporting the fur industry,” they added.
A series of chanting voices could be heard holding up posters with the words, “your fur had a face.”
The selfie queen, who opted for a Dior lace turtle-neck instead of fur, remained stone-faced and silent during the confrontation.
Another man approached the new author with her book and asked her to “make it out to all the animals that have been tortured and killed for you to wear a fur coat.”
Other protesters can be heard chanting “murderer” while being escorted off the premises by security.
Despite the very awkward confrontation, the reality star seemed completely unfased, after all she was once flour-bombed on a red carpet for the same cause.
Watch the cringe-worthy incident in the video player above

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