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EXCLUSIVE: Are Shane Warne and Liz Hurley back together? There are some major clues they might be

Could this be their second chance at love?

By Woman's Day team
Shane Warne is open to getting married again and it seems he's already in hot pursuit of his chosen lady – his real-life runaway bride Liz Hurley!
The former couple, who were together for three years and engaged for two before they went their separate ways in 2013, have always remained friends with nothing but fond memories about their time together.
Last year, Shane, 51, opened up about his regrets over their cancelled wedding on his show A Week With Warnie, saying, "[I'm] quite sad it's over because I still care about her deeply and she's a wonderful person.
"I didn't introduce her to my children until it was real and I believed it had a future – it wasn't just a bit of fun."
The pair had a whirlwind three-year romance Getty Images
And friends say the 56-year-old British actress, who, like Shane, has yet to find love since their time together, was "all over the place" when she saw the program.
"He told her beforehand he was going to talk a tiny bit about it because she was an important part of his life, but she had no idea it would be a full love confessional," says a pal.
"They both still hold a torch for each other, no doubt. But after that show, they've been in contact much more.
"They're very important to each other, but neither of them want to make the same mistakes.
"They are flirting with each other and they're circling around a possible reunion, but they'll be keeping it very hush-hush. They don't want anything to be ruined by other people's expectations."
Shane has recently been in England coaching the London Spirit team, so no doubt being close to Liz – and seeing their old haunts – has reminded him even more about how happy they once were.
Now, friends say the only people in the loop about them reconnecting are their kids, who unanimously want their parents to find happiness again.
"Even [Liz's 19-year-old son] Damian's starting to worry about his mum's attention-seeking online," adds the friend.
The couple ended their engagement in 2013 Getty Images
"And with Shane's kids off doing their own thing, he hasn't got the distractions that keep his loneliness at bay.
"Everyone wants them to be happy, and even though there are a lot of potential problems with giving their relationship another shot, the fact the kids are older means they don't need to be locked into one country any more."
Indeed, Shane's oldest son Jackson, 22, recently said he "still kept in touch" with Liz and Damian, saying, "Whether it'd be commenting on Instagram or messaging or congratulating, they're super supportive."
While Liz and Shane are determined to keep things on the down low, friends say he's already starting to get his proverbial mojo back.
Liz remains close to Shane's children Getty Images
"Shane's famous for that twinkle in his eye, but he's been noticeably less cheery since they split," reveals a Warnie insider.
"But it's back. He's back. He looks happy, fit, confident. We've all been thinking there must be a lady in his life, but if it's true and it's Liz, that would explain why his twinkle has returned.
"Shane's heart really broke when he lost Liz, and everyone agrees no woman could ever match up to her after that."

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