Did Samara Weaving wed fiancé Jimmy Warden in secret? Here’s why she’s keeping tight-lipped

This Aussie star likes to keep her private life... private.

By Maddison Leach
When Samara Weaving headed to the US to shoot The Babysitter after a successful run on Home And Away, she had no idea she was about to fall in love.
The Aussie starlet, who is now 29, began filming in 2015 and romance blossomed soon after – but it wasn't another actor who had her smitten.
Jimmy Warden was a producer on the film and he managed to sweep the Aussie A-lister off her feet, sharing loved-up photos with her on Instagram as early as 2016.
But Samara, who is notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to her personal life, decided to play the romance close to her chest.
Samara confirmed her relationship with Jimmy when she posted this photo on Instagram in 2017. (Instagram)
She didn't share a photo of Jimmy to her account until 2017, but don't think for a second that means she's not head over heels for him.
In March 2019, the couple announced their surprise engagement and Samara posted a photo of herself beaming with a new ring adorning her left hand.
"So here goes! Jimbo and I are engaged!! Let's party my loved ones!!" she wrote alongside the image, which you can see further down this page.
"P.S you know you're loved when you can eat a ham and cheese toastie in bed and your fiancé says that's beautiful."
The sweet snap was accompanied by a close-up of her engagement ring, which featured a sapphire centre stone and diamonds surrounding it in a unique design.
She and Jimmy seemed more loved up than ever that year, but fans started to worry when the engagement photo suddenly disappeared from Samara's profile.
Fortunately, the couple have shared plenty of photos together in the years since they got engaged and that sparkling ring is still firmly on Samara's finger.
In fact, Jimmy sparked a rumour that he and Samara had tied the knot in secret when he posted a photo in May 2021 with a caption suggesting they were already wed!
Samara's most recent photos with her man, like this one from late 2021, show her engagement ring on her finger. (Instagram)
"It's been two years since I married my favorite actor in the world, Steve Zahn. Happy anniversary, Steve. I love you," he wrote alongside a photo of them posing with fake moustaches.
So, are Samara and Jimmy actually married? Honestly, we're not sure!
The Nine Perfect Strangers star has chosen to keep her relationship out of the spotlight and it looks like that's working perfectly for her and Jimmy.
While we wait for the pair to confirm or deny if they're husband and wife, let's take a stroll down memory lane with some of the best moments from their romance.
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