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Sam Wood reveals his new COVID haircut, and his fans are... speechless

Lord Farquaad vibes.

By Jess Pullar
Sam and Snezana Wood are pretty much Australia's answer to Kate and Wills in Aussie reality TV royalty.
What with their wholesome family, their cute quips about each other and a social media feed filled with all the relatable content one could ever ask for.
Yep, this former Bachelor couple are the full package, and sometimes, just sometimes, we get an extra special gem of an insight into their unique life.
The feat rang true on Wednesday evening.
Sam, a father of three young daughters and businessman clearly leads a busy life, one that's filled with activities, meetings and understandable priorities.
With that in mind, we can forgive him for forgoing a regular haircut routine in order to keep up with everything else.
Lucky for us, he decided enough was enough this week, and instead of risking a trip to the actual hairdressers, he did what many others have done in these strange COVID times and DIY'd a haircut with his wife Snez at home while they're currently in lockdown in Melbourne.
Sam and Snez Wood are the image of family wholesomeness. (Instagram)
What happened next was... um... interesting.
The 34-year-old shared an image to his Instagram page of his new 'do and frankly, he was almost unrecognisable.
Sorry, who is this? (Instagram)
The reality star explained: "Hi, my name is Bob. I let my wife give me a Covid cut."
For good measure, he added: "Oopsy."
Um. Yea. That's one word that went through our heads too...
The former Bachelor also shared the pic to his Instagram story. (Instagram)
Understandably, fans flocked to the comments section to voice their thoughts.
"Weren't they the haircuts of the oompa loompa's in Charlie and the chocolate factory?" One fan very accurately wrote.
"I'm getting willy wonka vibes," another added.
Another pointed out a rather fitting new role for Sam: "You look like you should be cast in Blackadder."
Good old Sam took everything in his stride, sharing the hilarious cut to his Instagram story and then adding an extra slide with what the people asked for...
The people had spoken, and Sam agreed, going by his Instagram story. (Instagram)
Of course, Sam isn't alone in hopping on the COVID cut bandwagon.
We've seen plenty of others also attempt to try their hand at the clippers whilst in lockdown.
Who knows, maybe when all of this is over (or as over as it can be), we'll have some new trending hairstyles a la Shrek and Willy Wonka to inspire us.
How very 2020 that would be.