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Robert Irwin's fight to be famous: Inside the shift in the spotlight for the Irwin family

Steve's son is ready to be the face of the Irwin family.

By Woman's Day team
As dedicated conservationists and Wildlife Warriors, the Irwin family are tasked with saving the lives of animals seven days a week, while overseeing the upkeep of their famous Australia Zoo.
But when they're not caring for the animals, siblings Bindi and Robert and their mum Terri are no strangers to a life in the limelight – and all the glitzy trappings that come with it.
For years, the popular khaki-clad clan have remained red carpet and reality TV regulars as well as special guests on a string of reality programs and popular US talk shows, and boasted close friendships with some of the world's biggest Hollywood stars including Aussie favourites Chris Hemsworth and Russell Crowe.
Now, Woman's Day hears that while 22-year-old pregnant Bindi, who is due early next year, pulls back on public life ahead of the birth of her first child with her husband Chandler Powell, her younger brother Robert is gradually being groomed as the face of the iconic family – and the news is ruffling more than a few emu feathers!
"Bindi is all smiles when the cameras are rolling, but behind closed doors, she's a little bit of a diva," laughs a friend close to the family.
"To be fair, this is her first pregnancy and it's causing havoc with her body!
"She's cranky, very nervous about the upcoming birth and feeling more and more immobile."
As Bindi pulls back on public life ahead of the birth of her first child with her husband Chandler Powell, her younger brother Robert is gradually being groomed as the face of the iconic family. (Instagram)
Adding to the woes of pregnancy is the fact her 16-year-old brother, who is an aspiring nature photographer, is secretly planning his big move into Tinseltown.
"Behind the scenes, Robert's wasted no time planning for his time in the spotlight. Bindi's feeling very cast aside, and it's hard to not feel jealous seeing her little brother do so well," says the source.
"When they were in America before lockdown, it wasn't just Bindi who had agents clamouring to sign her – everyone wanted a piece of Robert, too. In fact, he was polling very highly with American viewers."

But the real salt in the wounds is thought to be that Bindi's had enough of everyone nicknaming her brother "Mini Steve".
"Robert is a natural successor to their dad – he's the spitting image of him, too," says the insider.
"Some of Steve's oldest long-time fans are always begging Robert to step into his dad's shoes. There are big companies like Netflix wanting to reboot Steve's show, and with Bindi out of action, Robert's more than willing to take on every opportunity."
Last week it was revealed the teen had signed on to make a guest appearance on Australia's most popular children's show, Bluey, with Robert lending his voice for a special new character.
"I am very excited to be voicing a character in a new episode of Bluey - 'Alfie' will be featuring on the show on November 4," he boasted online.
Robert's won a whole new legion of young fans after his cameo playing Alfie (L) on the widely popular kids' show, Bluey. (Image: ABC)
And it's not just children's programs he's being scouted for.
Robert's close friend, Thor star Chris Hemsworth, 37, is also said to be mentoring the up-and-comer for a career on the big screen.
"While everyone's permanently here in Oz, Robert is making the most of his friendship with Chris," the source adds.
"You couldn't ask for a better person to introduce you to the right people, and Chris knows what a shark tank Hollywood is and has vowed to help out. He's become a real mentor for him."
Meanwhile, Bindi is stuck at home feeling "forgotten", adds the insider.
"She's hellbent on not being cast in the shadows. She wants to get back to work building her father's legacy as soon as she can," insists the source, who says things between the famous siblings remain tense despite them usually being incredibly close.
"Robert doesn't really understand why his big sister isn't as proud of him as she used to be. He's avoiding her right now – and he's not the only one!"

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