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Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have split again

The on-again, off-again pair have reportedly called it quits.

It’s never easy keeping up with Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's tumultuous relationship. But for all y'all still trying, the latest is that friends of the reality couple say they have now switched their relationship status back to ‘off.’
"Rob thinks it’s the right decision," a pal told US Weekly. "Chyna has disappeared for days at time without communicating or providing any updates. This won’t end well."
The pair, who share three-month-old baby girl Dream, have been on the rocks ever since a bitter spat over the festive season which suspiciously played out on Snapchat.
Rob proclaimed he was devastated when the 28-year-old Lashed Bar owner appeared to clean out their nursery and all of her belongings, before walking out with their baby daughter.

This time around, sources also claim Chyna has been "yelling" at Rob, 29, and "screaming about how his family doesn’t like or support her."
Adding fuel to the speculative fire, she has also been spotted out and about with another man, enjoying a flirty catch-up with Jamel Davenport at a Super Bowl party this month.

"They were drinking loads of MA’s signature cocktail Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll," an eyewitness told People. "There was a group of them in the beginning but towards the end of the game, Chyna and Jamel were seen cuddling and being very cosy together."

It’s believed that at the time Chyna and Rob were still together, but were living under separate roofs.
And while pals insist there’s nothing romantic happening between her and Jamal, they were also seen enjoying dinner in West Hollywood last week.
Given Rob’s past insecurity battles, friend believe it’s last thing that he needs. "His confidence was shattered for so long, so to have this banging girl all over him has given him a new lease on life," one told US Weekly.

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