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Blac Chyna HATES it when Rob Kardashian does this in the bedroom…

The pregnant star simply can’t stand her hubby-to-be’s noisy sleeping habits.

As her social media silence continues following her terrifying Paris robbery, Kim Kardashian-West’s app was taken over by her brother Rob’s wife-to-be, Blac Chyna this week.
The expectant mother, who already shares a son with Rob’s younger sister Kylie’s boyfriend Tyga (phew!), held nothing back when talking about America’s most televised family, even revealing the one thing she hates most about her fiance’s bedroom habits...
While sharing her current obsessions, including cravings for iced tea as well as her appreciation for her Rolls Royce, the 28-year-old also let slip her number-one hate, which happens to be “Rob snoring”.
Snoring occurs when the muscles in the air passages relax too much during sleep, causing the pharynx to vibrate loudly. The admittedly annoying and repetitive sound can affect many couples’ quality of sleep and mood.
Some common causes of snoring include allergies, eating too much in the evening, nasal congestion, alcohol consumption before bed, obesity, pregnancy and some sleeping positions – particularly those on your back.
According to Snore Australia, Rob might want to try sleeping on his side, anti-snore mouthguards, nasal strips and avoiding a nightcap before bed to keep his future wife and baby daughter happy.
Chyna and Rob are said to be living separately to prevent arguing. Could their blow-ups be about the sock entrepreneur's noisy sleeping?
Meanwhile, the reality star has expressed her keen desire to leave pregnancy behind her, and take after her soon-to-be sister-in-law in getting back into shape post-birth.
It would seem that, much like Kim, who has been very open about her discomfort in childbearing, Chyna is looking forward to the future with a nude selfie posted to Instagram on Monday.
“Soon,” she wrote besides a racy mirror snap where she proudly displays her shapely curves and cinched waist.

And it appears that the new dad is also waiting for his daughter’s arrival to kick-start his own weight-loss journey.
In a side-by-side snap of him and Chyna looking trim in past years, he wrote: "Oh yeah we snapping back. Baby will be here in 4 weeks and I'm done with carrying this pregnancy weight me and my baby gonna be righttttttt, MOTIVATION TIME we almost there Chy."

Rob and Chyna, who star in their own reality TV show, are said to be welcoming their first child together via C-section next week at the Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sanai Medical Centre, according to TMZ.
It has now been confirmed that the couple are planning to televise the birth in an upcoming E! special.
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