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Closer each day! Former Home and Away star Penny McNamee’s anniversary gift from her husband has the sweetest meaning behind it

The couple is celebrating 13 years of marriage.

By Faye Couros
As far as anniversary gifts go, jewellery is a go-to that's bound to bring a smile to your spouse's face.
But for Penny McNamee's 13th wedding anniversary, her husband Matt Tooker decided to up the ante by ordering a bespoke gift.
The marketer commissioned an illustration by artist Anna Mc AKA Blue Pig of the pub they went to on their first date on September 28, 2004.
The former Home and Away star shared a picture of the artwork on her Instagram, and she wrote, "Wedding anniversary pressie. Where we went on our first date."
Penny posted this picture of the gift she received from her husband. Instagram
As if the sentiment couldn't have been any sweeter, there is also a humanitarian aspect to the art.
For every building illustration by Blue Pig, 10 per cent of profit is given to women living in vulnerable housing.
Although their first date was in 2004, Penny and husband Matt met years earlier at a school musical camp in 1999.
In an interview with New Idea, the former Home and Away star spoke of their fateful first meeting when they were teenagers.
WATCH BELOW: Penny McNamee sings with her daughter Neve. Post continues after video...
"It was 1999 at our school music camp. I'd just moved to the school, Matt was in the orchestra playing the French horn – if it can get any nerdier – and I was in the choir.
"I adored him off the bat. I was a ridiculous 16-year-old girl who totally thought he was dreamy," she said.
Matt also told the magazine how he felt about Penny when they first met.
"She was confident and bubbly," he said.
Of course, because they were so young when they first got together, they took a brief hiatus at the end of their teen years.
"We were only 19, and we both knew we had to go off and live our lives – we wanted to study and travel," the 37-year-old starlet revealed of their split," she said.
"Even though we really did love each other, we decided to break up, which was heartbreaking."
"We were only 19, and we both knew we had to go off and live our lives." Instagram
The couple share two gorgeous children together, a son called Jack and a daughter named Neve.
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