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Nicole Kidman reveals her new film is dedicated to Bella and Connor Cruise

Nicole Kidman has candidly spoken out about her new film, Lion, which says is a love letter dedicated to her adoptive kids Bella and Connor Cruise.

By Chloe Lal
It has been well documented that Nicole Kidman has, at times, had a difficult relationship with her two eldest children.
The actress, who adopted Isabella, 23, and Connor, 21, when married to Tom Cruise, has delved into her personal experience for her new feature, Lion.
Already generating Oscar buzz, Nicole, who already is the proud owner of one Academy Award, portrays an adoptive mother of an orphan from India who starts an epic search for his birth parents - something that is familiar to the 49-year-old.
Playing an Aussie mother was a joy for Nicole, who chatted with the UK's Telegraph about how Lion became much more than a job.
"The movie is a love letter to my children who are adopted and it's not about anything other than, 'I wanted you whatever your journey is, I'm here to love and support you.' That's what I connected to. I wanted to make the film for them," she professed.
"When you are an adoptive mother, of course you think about the birth mother and the birth parents and what it all means and how our lives are intertwined in some way, whether the child choose to find the birth parents or not."
Nicole with her ex-husband Tom Cruise and their two adopted kids, Bella and Connor.
This is not the first time Nic has been inspired to speak about adoption and how it has affected her life.
In September, the Aussie starlet addressed the idea of adoptive kids seeking out their biological parents.
“Every family’s experience with this is distinct and private,” she admitted to inTouch
“But we live in an ever more transparent world, technologically speaking. Kids are resourceful,” she continued, "and the need to know your origin story is universal.”
While Bella and Connor are adults, leading their own lives, Nicole is still proudly wears her mum hat.
The actress and her husband-of-a-decade, Keith Urban, are the parents to their two little girls, Sunday Rose, eight, and Faith Margaret, six.
Watch Nic talk about her incredible new role in the video player underneath!
Nicole with her family, Keith and daughters Faith and Sunday.

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