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Nicole Kidman just revealed she loves to eat bugs... And it ain't no Big Little Lie

This is Nic's world, and we're just living in it.

By Chloe Lal
The world is round, you can marry the person you love and Nicole Kidman is the bloody queen of our hearts.
The Big Little Lies star has blessed us lowly humans with what her secret talent is.
We already know she makes hubby Keith Urban swoon, she's besties with our dream friendship group and she has a clap that can halt the world.
But alas, there is something about the Hawaiian-born beauty that we had no freaking clue about.
Nicole Kidman is rather partial to eating bugs... Not for a role, it's her choice.
She can clap...
She's pals with EVERYONE...
And she chows down on crickets.
The 50-year-old dished to Vanity Fair about her hidden food flair, in a brilliant video.
Taking centre stage for VF's: Secret Talent Theatre, we see the starlet feast on a four-course meal containing an array of her fave "micro-livestock."
Kicking off her creepy crawly feed, Nicole Kidman tucks into some living horn worms.
Displaying ample amounts of finesse, Nic even uses chopsticks, gently popping the insects, one-by-one in her mouth... Much like candy.
She truly seems to like them...
"Mmm...extraordinary," she gushed to camera.
The Oscar-winning actress then goes to town on some worms, crickets and caps off her feast with fried grasshoppers.
"Just a little side note," she begins, "Two billion people in the world eat bugs...and I'm one of them!"
No word if Keith is too but according to the experts, aka a recent report by the UN, there's actually a whole range of benefits for eating creepy crawlies.
The reports says they have "a highly nutritious and healthy food source with high fat, protein, vitamin, fibre and mineral content."
You can watch the whole thing in the video player at the top!
Angie and her kids love to cook with spiders and scorpions.
Nic isn't the only A-lister that would trade a juicy steak for some bugs.
Fellow Hollywood siren Angelina Jolie revealed that she's rather good at whipping up insect-filled meals.
Last year, she chatted to BBC News World showing off her passion for Cambodian cuisine by hosting a DIY cooking class featuring the protein-rich local creepy crawlies.
The 42-year-old recalled, "I first had them [the bugs] when I was first in country. You start with crickets. Crickets and a beer and then you kind of move up to tarantulas."
"It's actually really good the flavour. It's hard to chew the scorpion."