Nicole Kidman is in for Big Little Lies season two

The Aussie actress is ready to step back into the role of Celeste.

By TV Week team
A second season of the massive HBO hit series Big Little Lies hasn’t even been announced yet, but the cast continue to drop hints about it!
Our very own Nicole Kidman is the most recent cast member to add fuel to the fire during a recent chat with Variety during the Cannes Film Festival.
Nicole, who starred as Celeste and co-produced the series, is definitely up for reprising the role in a second season.

“If the storyline could be powerful and compelling,” she says.
“If there is a way to form these women’s lives further, that’s really interesting. It would be so lovely if we could do it.”
The actress went on to say that she couldn’t believe how the series touched viewers, especially the reaction to her character’s relationship with her husband Perry, played by Alexander Skarsgård.
“People would want to reach out and touch me,” Nicole says. “I got so many emails and people talking to me about it, which I like because it’s a really complicated relationship.
“I obviously understand it, so I’m able to talk about it in complex detail. It’s so based in shame, and the desire to protect her husband and family.”
Alexander Skarsgård and Nicole Kidman as dysfunctional married couple Perry and Celeste.
Meanwhile, fellow BLL co-star Laura Dern, who played Renata, told Us Weekly that there has been talk about season two.
“There’s curiosities, so it would certainly be a pleasure to get to do it more,” she said. “I love my character so much, so it would be a blast.”

Early last week, Reese Witherspoon teased fans with a cryptic Instagram post which featured Reese, Nicole and Laura with the caption “Working on some new lies” which sent fans in a frenzy that season two is in fact already on its way.

Despite the cast’s enthusiasm for a second season, not all involved want to see the story opened up again.
Jean-Marc Vallee, the director of the show, has shot down the idea of another go around.
“To do a season two, I’m not for it,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “Big Little Lies two? Nah. We won’t give you a season two because it’s so good like this. Why spoilt it.”

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