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Nick Cannon slams Mariah's new relationship with Bryan Tanaka: "I don't buy it"

I think the whole reality show is fake.

By Zoë Holloway
Mariah Carey’s romance with Bryan Tanaka was a key plotline in her recent reality show, but one person isn’t buying it – her ex-hubby Nick Cannon!
"I think the whole reality show is fake," Nick says of the E! documentary Mariah’s World. "I’m a producer so I know how [it works]."
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Sparks seem to be flying between Mariah and Bryan (R) on her show Mariah's World
Nick made the shock slam while he was chatting to SirusXM radio host Howard Stern, according to US Magazine. He says a major giveaway is the carefully arranged, soft-focus lighting that follows Mariah, 46, everywhere she goes in the show.
"You can’t have a well-lit private conversation," Nick says. "Like, that sh-t doesn’t happen. I don’t buy none of that sh-t."
As for Mariah’s new relationship with Bryan, 33, well… Nick’s not buying that either. "I don’t even get into it," he says. "It feels like they wrote the story. That sh-t is like a soap opera."
Nick's not convinced of Mariah and Bryan's new love.
Nick did make a cameo appearance on the show, at a fifth birthday party for Monroe and Moroccan – his twins with Mariah. But the 36-year-old comedian insists he was blindsided.
"I actually came. It was a party, so I showed up to hang out with my kids and I was like, 'There’s f--king cameras here. But all right, y’all do whatever you gotta do,’" he says. "This is the world that we’re in, but when you start trying to pull a fast one on people, that sh-t is silly."
While we’re not sure how Mariah will feel about Nick’s comments, he insists that there’s nothing but love between him and his former spouse. "I love Mariah. I’ll never stop loving her. She gave me two, amazing beautiful gifts," he says. "We talk every day."
Mariah Carey and ex-husband Nick Cannon
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