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Mariah Carey opens up about her split from James Packer

It is difficult to talk about...

Mariah Carey spoken to Ellen DeGeneres about her broken engagement from James Packer, saying she finds it “difficult to talk about”.
The 46-year-old talked about how her split has been making headlines the world over and she’s trying hard to avoid the media storm.
“Now it’s a whole freaking thing,” she said.
Mariah and James in happier times.
Ellen asked how Mariah felt she was coping and Carey replied “I think I am doing well.”
“Everything happens for a reason. Things are the way they are,” Mariah reasoned.
Mariah has her new docuseries Mariah’s World, and when Ellen suggested that Packer didn’t want to be in the series at all the mother-of-two replied, “Allegedly”.
PHOTO: ELLEN/ Warner Bros.
Obviously wanting to change the subject the singer introduced a new topic.
"It is difficult to talk about at the moment so I am going to compliment you on these decorations,” she said, trying to change the subject.
Packer has reportedly let his ex keep her $10 million engagement ring.
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