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Exclusive: Matty J tells OK! how to pick the winner

Australia's babin' new Bachie reveals what he looks for in a leading lady... And what turns him off every time.

By Carrissa Lawrie
The countdown is on! And with less than a week until The Bachelor Australia hits our screens, it’s time to talk about how we are going to spot the stunner that has left our fifth gent Matthew Johnson walking around his Bondi hometown grinning from ear to ear.
Give us a rose, Matty!
He's left the heartbreak of his Bachelorette days well behind him, and has been on a man on a very important mission to find true love again. But as we watch the romance unfold on the show in the coming weeks, we won't be able to help trying to pick who Matty J's going home with at the end of the finale.
And luckily, he's given us some hints! During an exclusive photo shoot with OK!, the hunky 31-year-old marketing manager revealed exactly what he was looking for in his perfect partner... and what sends him running for the hills.
Matty's set to make a splash when The Bachelor kicks off on Wednesday!
“I guess that special someone would be intelligent, ambitious and adventurous, and be someone who’s kind and has a good sense of humour,” he shares.
Hmm, sounds simple enough... So what about his turn-offs?

“Someone who is rude and inconsiderate, someone who smokes, and someone who is lazy,” won’t rate very high in Matty’s books, he tells.
Completely understandable - but it doesn’t really narrow down the field in what’s already looking to be an impressive line-up of ladies.

While the Bachelorette alum is an expert at not giving anything away (damn!), he does share a few more pointers about his perfect partner.
“It would definitely be easier to meet someone from Sydney, but I wasn’t going to not fall for someone purely because logistics would make it difficult,” he teases.

And what about looks-wise, is the leading man a fan of blonde-haired beauties like Bach before him Richie Strahan?
“I don’t really have any preference,’ he admits. “I’ve had relationships in the past with blondes and brunettes, so it didn’t play a factor.”

Tricky! But like the charming gent he is, Matty doesn’t want to send us away empty handed.
"I know I’m drawn to someone very down to earth and more of a natural beauty," he laughs.

Unfortunately, we’ll just have to wait until the finale to find out exactly who the lucky lady is - but in the meantime, happy guessing!
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