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Lisa Wilkinson reveals the Channel Nine star who played “matchmaker” for her and husband Pete Fitzsimons as she reflects on 30 years of marriage

''We were both charmed, but also in separate relationships.''

By Maddison Hockey
Few couples can say they've made it through 30 years of marriage together, and fewer can say they've done so with as much happiness and joy as Lisa Wilkinson and Peter FitzSimons.
The celebrity power couple are a force to be reckoned with and admired.
Celebrating three decades together, Lisa took to Instagram to share the sweet story of how she met Pete – and it's as adorable as we'd expect.
Couple goals. (Instagram)
"Well this is one for the grandkids (which we don't have yet, by the way)...but I digress," Lisa began. "You see 30 years ago last May, @peter_fitzsimons and I met in the Channel 9 makeup department for the very first time when we were both guests (in separate segments) on the Today show.
"It wasn't much more than a brief introduction and a handshake - we were both charmed, but also in separate relationships."
"Eighteen months later, and both now single, a special someone (thank you @thelizhayes 🌺) decided to play matchmaker and nine months after that, we were walking down the aisle."

The Project host went on to reflect on the 30 years passed with Pete and all they had achieved together.
"Well, three kids, four changes of address, five animals, the occasional disagreement (😉) and a million good times later, the marriage has survived. But in the coming days, the place where we first met will be reduced to a pile of rubble as the Channel Nine Sydney site is redeveloped into multi-storey apartments."
"So of course, we raced over today for a selfie out the front of the place that started it all for us."
"Sweet memories of another time."
The couple went back to where it all began. (Instagram)
In a recent interview with Now To Love Lisa discussed her marriage and making it through isolation just the two of them – the first time they'd lived alone since having kids.
Staying at home in Sydney with her husband Peter FitzSimons, Lisa explained the last of her three kids "moved out of home two weeks before this [COVID lockdowns] all unfolded."
"This the first time since we were first married that it's just been us, so almost 30 years."
Lisa and Pete are officially empty-nesters. (Instagram)
It was quite the eye-opening experience for the television star and mother-of-three.
"Some bad habits we've discovered had developed [over 30 years]," she said with a laugh.
"We spent the first couple of weeks looking at each other thinking, 'I don't know if I can cope with this'.
"So we had, let's just call it, some serious ironing out to do and a lot of negotiation and the occasional raised voice in frustration," she chuckled.