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EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Wilkinson shares how isolation has changed her marriage to husband Peter FitzSimons and her post-lockdown getaway plans

“We had some serious ironing out to do."

By Maddison Hockey
Let's face it - life in lockdown can either be a blessing or a curse - and often that's entirely dependent on the people you find yourself isolating with.
Luckily for beloved TV personality and host of The Sunday Project, Lisa Wilkinson, it hasn't been too challenging.
While lockdown looks a little different for her – she's grateful to still be working through the pandemic – she's not been immune to the effects of isolation, particularly when it comes to her marriage.
Staying at home in Sydney with her husband Peter FitzSimons, Lisa says the last of her three kids "moved out of home two weeks before this all unfolded."
"This the first time since we were first married that it's just been us, so almost 30 years," Lisa tells Now To Love.
And it's been quite the eye-opening experience for the television star and mother-of-three.
Lisa with husband Pete and daughter Billi. Image: Instagram
"Some bad habits we've discovered had developed [over 30 years]," she says with a laugh.
"We spent the first couple of weeks looking at each other thinking, 'I don't know if I can cope with this'.
"So we had, let's just call it, some serious ironing out to do and a lot of negotiation and the occasional raised voice in frustration. "
Lockdown is bound to put some strain on any relationship, as Lisa says, because it limits your options for avoiding household squabbles.
"I could usually walk out the door when I was getting frustrated and forget his lack of domestic awareness," she says with a laugh.
But after that initial "ironing out", Lisa is singing Pete's praises.
The couple have been married since 1992, and are stronger than ever. Image: Instagram
If anything, isolation has strengthened their already unbreakable bond.
"Last night he not only made dinner without having to ask me a single question about where a knife was or you know, where do we keep the pepper, but he picked up my bowl, put the dishwasher on and went to bed," Lisa revealed.
"I thought 'There's been so much about COVID-19 that has broken my heart, if you look around, there's actually some positives as well'," she says with a chuckle.
Lisa says she's grateful for her career and role on The Project. Image: Instagram
Another positive Lisa is focusing on while in isolation is planning an Australian holiday with husband Pete. They plan to head off on a break as soon as restrictions permit.
"We are looking forward to taking those holidays to places that we've always thought, 'Oh yeah, we'll get there one day'," she said.
In fact, Lisa is bubbling with excitement as we chat over the phone over her latest project, The Love Australia Project.
The TV special teaming up with Tourism Australia and hosted by Lisa, as well as Dr Chris Brown, Rachel Corbett and Tommy Little, will showcase everything our great land has to offer.
Lisa's ready to get back into travelling. Image: Instagram
Given the announcement from the International Air Transport Association that overseas holidays will likely out of the question until 2023, the special is perfectly timed.
"The truth is, you can easily leave Australian holiday destinations on your bucket list until you get to 80, and then you're actually too old to get up there with some energy and enjoy them," Lisa says.
The project also hopes to help boost the economy and highlight amazing destinations that need tourists the most.
"Between the bush fires and COVID-19, there are so many holiday destinations that have been devastated," Lisa explains.
You can bet the The Sunday Project host already has a few spots in mind for a post COVID vacation.
"It's a bit of a toss up between the Whitsundays - I'd to get me a piece of some blue sky and some warm waters - and I wouldn't mind going to Broome. Oh, and the Kimberley is stunning beyond belief."
The Love Australia Project airs tonight at 7.30pm on 10.

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