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"She has nothing to lose now": Why Lisa Wilkinson's explosive new book has her former colleagues nervous

The truth 
is out!

By Woman's Day team
Veteran journalist 
Lisa Wilkinson is set 
to rock the media world when her explosive memoir It Wasn't Meant To Be Like This drops later this year.
But according to a TV insider, one former colleague in particular has been left "shaking in his boots" at the news – Karl Stefanovic!
"Lisa sat beside Karl five days 
a week for 10 years! They've travelled all over the world together. She's really experienced all the highs and lows. She's seen it all," the source tells Woman's Day.
"Karl did his best to maintain some sort of friendship with 
her when she made her shock departure from Nine, but his closest friends reckon he could be done."
While Lisa, 61, has much 
to cover in her memoir – from her start in magazines to her meteoric rise in television 
– the insider reveals that 
her time spent at Nine, and 
in particular, her shock 
departure from Today, will 
take up a major chunk of 
the book.
And she's taking 
no prisoners!
Lisa made a swift exit from Today in 2017 Channel Nine
"There are a lot of nervous nellies at Nine at the moment. She'll be sure to go hard on 
the Nine lads club and of course, her pay dispute," says the source.
"Some are already arming themselves with their own 
spin doctors, ready to put out the flames."
In 2017, Lisa sensationally left Nine amid reports of 
a feud with co-star Karl, 46, 
and a salary dispute.
Less than a year later, Lisa announced she was joining Ten, with a pay packet rumoured to be $2 million 
a year.
She spills her secrets from the safety of her new network Instagram
Perhaps more surprisingly, 
Lisa is set to take aim at some other names, with the source adding, "There'll be plenty of jibes aimed at those who she hasn't seen eye to eye with over the years.
"Poor Georgie Gardner and Richard Wilkins will for sure 
get a bit of a tickle, but Lisa 
is a clever journalist so she could be a bit cryptic in her 
use of words so only her 
former colleagues will know 
it's them."
The tell-all book promises to be one of the most explosive memoirs of the year, and publisher Harper Collins is said to be paying Lisa handsomely in order for her to make the biggest splash possible.
"It's rumoured to be around the $250,000 mark," says 
our source.
Lisa's former colleagues, including Karl, may well 
have reason 
to be worried Instagram
Announcing the big book news last week, The Project 
host admitted she was "a little bit terrified" to release the memoir in October.
"I've completely opened up on things I've never talked about before," she wrote.
"I've left no stone unturned, particularly when it comes 
to some of the more public moments you've seen in the headlines. Now, you'll know 
the truth."
And the source adds, 
"This won't be like any other autobiography. She has 
nothing to lose now."

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