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EXCLUSIVE: Keira Maguire wants you to "mind your own business" if you're not on board with her relationship

And frankly, she doesn't care what you think!

By Anita Lyons
In case you've been living under a big reality TV free rock, you may have heard that on New Year's Eve, Keira Maguire announced that she and Jarrod Woodgate are back together.
In a very suspicious and downright obvious post, the firecracker former-Bachelorverse alum, posted a pic of her and Jarrod on Instagram, "kissing under a waterfall (um, romantic...), with the caption: Since we are all sharing our favourite pics from the year... this is mine ...💚"
As you can imagine, fans went into meltdown, practically yelling through their phones: "OH EM GEE! They're back together!"
Keira Maguire posted this pic with Jarrod Woodgate on New Years Eve, sending fans into a frenzy! *(Source: Instagram/keiramaguire)".
And now, in an chat with Now to Love, Keira opens up about her re-ignited romance with Bachelor in Paradise star, divulging the exact reason why she and her former-flame got back together and admitting that she doesn't care if you're not on board with it.
"We've been seeing each other for a couple of months," the 32-year-old revealed. "And there was a couple of months that we didn't really speak and I just think we really missed each other the whole time so we started all over again. We wanted to make sure it was right. And it is."
After their very public break up and subsequent interviews about one another to the media, Keira said that this time, things will be done differently.
"I feel like that's where we went wrong last time," Keira said. "I feel like we moved in together way too fast and there was way too much pressure with everything else going on. This time, we're going to have our own space and keep it much more low-key."
"We have to do things differently otherwise what's the point."
Keira and Jarrod teamed up with Deliveroo for National Cheese Lovers Day. (Image: Supplied)
Back in August, Keira had revealed that Jarrod, 32, had suddenly dumped her by text – and only weeks later, the vineyard manager argued that the break-up was a result of her Instagram obsession.
"Her Instagram following is overwhelming and it was taking over our relationship," he said back in September.
"Keira is a beautiful woman and I had the best times I've had in my life with her. But I didn't see it going anywhere. For me, it wasn't a genuine connection because everything we did went through Instagram, and I'm a farm guy who hardly touches his phone."
In a chat with Now to Love in September, Keira revealed that she felt Jarrod wasn't ready to be in a relationship.
"And that was number one," she said.
"It was disappointing to me because he came off as this guy that was ready to settle to down, but the reality is, he wasn't ready."
Keira and Jarrod on New Years Eve. (Source: Instagram/keiramaguire)
So now, they have a new game plan.
"When it comes to posting on Instagram, we are definitely keeping it more private. It's really easy to get caught up in it, especially because you feel there are a lot of expectations and pressure, but I just need to separate that."
Keira and Jarrod before their split in 2018. (Source: Instagram/KeiraMaguire)
With all the break-ups and make-ups of these reality stars, it's very easy for the peanut gallery - i.e. Us, to have a say on whether we think this relationship is good or not, but Keira is not so worried about that.
"Anyone who doesn't support our relationship, I would just tell them to mind their own business," Keira said. "I feel like, two people know what they're doing and if it doesn't work out then that's what we will go through together."
"Right now we are where we want to be and that's what is important."
Keira and Jarrod used to share a lot of their relationship on Instagram. (Source: Instagram/keiramaguire)
To celebrate National Cheese Lovers Day on January 20th and the recent reunion of Bachelor alumni Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate, Deliveroo will be selling Toms Cap wines (Woodgate's very own wine) and cheese boards to Deliveroo's cheese loving customers. What's a better pairing than cheese and wine? Maybe it's Bachelor couple Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate getting back together?