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Inside Jodi’s turbulent love life: The TV star’s new boyfriend has been hit with an AVO

The actress' love life has has become a web of complications.

By Woman's Day team
Just one week after Jodi Gordon publicly declared her love for new beau Sebastian Blackler, the British-born investment portfolio manager has been shockingly served with an AVO, after a raucous disturbance at her Sydney home.
The police were called to the former soap star's home in Double Bay at 12.30am on November 27 after neighbours heard terrified screams.
Police told the media they had "commenced an investigation into an alleged domestic-related incident" involving Jodi, 35, and Sebastian, 30.
However, following inquiries, they have suspended the investigation "at the request of the victim" and Sebastian has since appeared in court to fight the police application for an extended order.
Sebastian is banned from approaching Jodi after drinking or using illicit drugs for at least 12 hours, as per the AVO conditions.
Sebastian is banned from approaching Jodi after drinking or using illicit drugs for at least 12 hours. (Instagram)
Interestingly, the pair were spotted leaving the actress' home in Sydney's Double Bay together last Thursday, not long after after he faced court over the apprehended violence order.
Jodi appeared downcast and stressed as she made her way to her way to her car with her Sebastian trailing not far behind her.
The incident is sure to be an embarrassment for Jodi, particularly after she made her romance with Sebastian public in a gushing Instagram post just a week earlier.
"When life gets wonderful," the former Neighbours star wrote next to an image of her embracing the handsome banker at her home.
The surprise announcement also comes just three months after it was revealed Jodi had split with her Swiss-born lawyer boyfriend, known only as Cedric, after dating for six months.
The news shocked her friends, who said she was "head over heels" and "beaming with joy" over her new relationship.
It's certainly not the first heartache Jodi has faced.
When the actress married former NRL star Braith Anasta in 2012, fans believed she had found The One.
However, despite putting on a united front on the social scene and giving birth to daughter Aleeia in 2014, cracks began to emerge, and three years later they divorced.
The actress was previously married to NRL star Braith Anasta. (Instagram)
Talking to Woman's Day at the time, a close friend said there had been "trouble for months" within the relationship, and cited Jodi's dream of a Hollywood career and her reluctance to have more children as the reasons for their split.
Since their divorce, the pair have been in a constant slanging match with each other, with Braith, 38, most famously dissing Jodi last year when she was forced to take leave from Neighbours over her ongoing exhaustion.
"It's up to her to look after herself – I don't get involved in her personal life," he told the media. Braith also called the diamond engagement ring he gave his ex-wife "a bad investment", and cheekily added that she probably "hocked it" to buy "a few bags with it... handbags".
Braith is now engaged to fitness instructor Rachael Lee.
Before she met Braith, Jodi enjoyed a seemingly fairytale relationship with Seven heir Ryan Stokes in 2007. But it came crashing down two years later when Jodi was at the centre of a bizarre, and now infamous, night out with former bikie associate Mark Judge in Kings Cross.
Jodi starred on both Home and Away and Neighbours. (Instagram)
Two days after Ryan filed a missing person's report, the actress was found cowering in Mark's bedroom following a police raid in the early hours of the morning.
She claimed to have seen a gunman try to break into the house on CCTV.
However, when police later viewed the tapes, no such incident had occurred. Reports at the time alleged that drug use was involved. Following the scandal, Ryan fled to Broome where he stayed while Jodi was forced to face the music alone in Sydney. He broke up with her that year.
"Her actions have brought shame on the [Stokes] family and their network," a source told the media at the time. "She has caused Ryan, who is a very proud guy who likes to keep a tight leash on his media profile, much embarrassment."
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