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Dreaming in pink! Jasmine Stefanovic shares the most beautiful pictures from her daughter's first birthday

The intimate pictures from the stellar event.

By Faye Couros
Karl Stefanovic's precious daughter Harper's first birthday was a magical moment for the family, and now delighted fans have been gifted a look into their explosive pink love-filled day.
While the event itself took place several days ago, Jasmine Stefanovic is clearly already reminiscing on her daughter's huge milestone after sharing more pictures from the family event.
The birthday party took place earlier this month, and little Harper was spoiled with an exciting baby pink ride-on electric car.
Harper admiring her mums gorgeous party curating skills. Instagram
The new photos from the event also showed the bub had even more exciting festivities.
Essentially, if one were to sum up Harper's birthday party in two words it would be 'tickled pink'.
There were giant pink balloons, dinner sets, furniture, and Harper matched perfectly with an adorable tulle cream dress.
For sweet lovers, the star of the photo album may be the very special yellow Paris inspired birthday cake.
However, the family was the most important feature with cameos from uncle Peter Stefanovic and her cousin Oscar who is around the same age.
Harper with her cousin Oscar. Instagram
In one hilarious moment captured on camera, Peter is holding Oscar on a bean bag in a matching Adidas sweat set as they stare down the camera with the exact same facial expressions.
Fans in the comments showered Jasmine with compliments for the very well organised party, which looks like it was the best time.
"These are all so beautiful hun! Cannot believe she is one already! X," said one fan, "Sooooo gorgeous. Harper's dress! 🥰🤩 - and the Stefa's Tracksuits. 👏❤," commented another.On Harper's actual birthday Jasmine posted a sweet tribute to her daughter on Instagram.
Jasmine doting over her daughter. Instagram
"One year ago today you came into our world and filled our hearts with so much love. You are the most precious soul who we love beyond words," Jasmine wrote."Thank you for making my world Harper May! You have completely filled Mummy's heart 💗."
Harper's aunt and Channel Nine star Sylvia Jeffreys also posted a gorgeous shot with the toddler, writing: "ONE 🎂 Happy birthday you gorgeous angel princess, Harper May. We love you and your lovely Mummy and Daddy @jasyarby @karlstefanovic_."