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Did Andy Lee and girlfriend Rebecca Harding secretly get engaged?

Check out the photo that's sent tongues wagging!

By Alex Lilly
While his partner in crime Hamish Blake is happily married with two children, Andy Lee is famous for being one of Australia's most eligible bachelors. But has he finally settled down?
The radio presenter is currently holidaying in New Zealand with his girlfriend, Rebecca Harding, but after she posted a cute couple selfie to Instagram, fans have suspected the two have sneakily become engaged.
In the photo, Rebecca's ring finger is conveniently cropped out of the frame and Instagram followers had a few words to say.
Is there a ring on THAT finger?
One follower commented on the snap saying, "I thought it was an engagement shot but your finger was out of view!"
"Thought you were engaged! Just two beauties," another posted.
"Hey Ando.. put a ring on it already," joked another.
Andy and Bec started dating in 2014 when the brunette beauty, who is Andy's junior by 10 years, was a waitress and student.
"I caught her eye and I was attracted to her. Just the way she was treating other people, she had a lovely demeanour," Andy confessed to Hamish Blake on their radio show in 2015.
"I was trying to chat to her, so I was ordering a lot. I had like an hour and a half breakfast and you know I don't really like that because I like getting in and out in food situations."
But even though Bec thought he was a sleazeball when they first met, the two started dating until mid-2016, when they temporarily parted ways before reconciling later that year in December.
Talk about a genetically-blessed couple! The lovebirds worked the 2018 Logies red carpet.
And while there have been wedding rumours for a while now, Andy confessed that he wouldn't put a ring on it until she told him one certain secret.
"Well I've got a funny thing with Bec. Bec has never told me her enter score, what she got when she finished year 12," he said on KIIS 101.1's Jase & PJ in August.
"So I said to her, if you want to be proposed to, we can't have any secrets. So the day you tell me your enter score, is the day I'll know you're ready."
As for kids, we're not expecting any mini Lee's any time soon.
"I'm happy with the sleep at this stage," Andy previously revealed to OK!, laughing off our suggestion that he aim for a Brangelina size brood.
"Maybe if I was to adopt them in their teens and then they could do chores…[Actually] I'll adopt them when they are 40 and I'm 80, so there'll be someone to take care of me."
Fingers crossed for the official engagement announcement soon...we bet that ring will be a sparkler!
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