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Practising for the big announcement? Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding spark engagement rumours

This latest photo had us doing a major double take!

By Bella Brennan
Since rekindling their romance last year, Andy Lee, 36, and Rebecca Harding, 26, haven’t looked back.
And this week, the adorable couple enjoyed a romantic getaway to the luxurious Jackalope Hotels in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.
Andy, who has recently embarked on a blatant mission to see how many freebies big or small he can score, took to social media to celebrate his biggest coup yet – a free stay at the hotel!
The radio star uploaded an album of his trip to social media and quipped: “JACKPOT!! Hit the golden goose with a stay @jackalopehotels. The place is so beautiful, it was enough to take my mind off the really weird tan line on my back. Worth checking out (the hotel, not my tan line).”
But it was on particular photo that got fans really excited!
In one pic, a beaming Bec cuddles up to her man in the spa, which is nestled on a vineyard.
Relive the time Andy proved he was the world's best uncle by making his nephew a book! Post continues after the video...

She’s holding onto a champagne and her hand is perfectly positioned to be showing off an engagement ring.
It’s pretty much a textbook engagement announcement photo!
But there’s one crucial thing missing – an actual ring!
The sneaky pic definitely threw off a few fans.
The pic in question! It's got all the ingredients of an engagement announcement.
“Thought there was a ring in the second one @rebeccalharding,” one person wrote.
Another added: "I had to look twice, thought that was an engagement announcement pic!"
It’s not the first time they’ve set wedding watch off…
See the offending snaps that triggered more marriage speculation below!

In May, a source close to the couple told Woman's Day: “Andy knows how serious Bec is about their future together and she has walked away from their relationship before when he refused to get serious."
While Bec says her man is "a really sweet, kind, generous person."
As for whether we can expect them to settle down and have kids anytime soon, they insist babies aren't on the agenda for anytime soon.
"I’m happy with the sleep at this stage," Andy revealed to OK!, laughing off our suggestion that he aim for a Brangelina size brood.
"Maybe if I was to adopt them in their teens and then they could do chores…[Actually] I’ll adopt them when they are 40 and I’m 80, so there’ll be someone to take care of me."