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Deborah Hutton bravely shares an update 12 months after her invasive skin cancer surgery

With a no makeup pic.

By Faye Couros
For those who have been following Australian media personality Deborah Hutton's skin cancer journey, they will be aware of how the presenter has braved a testing 12 months.
Deborah underwent aggressive surgery in May 2020 to remove a facial BBC (Basal Cell Carcinoma).
The process resulted in a deep scar around her mouth.
"Angry, jagged scar." Instagram
At the time, Deborah told Woman's Weekly, "It's quite traumatic in those first stages of scarring and stitches.
"It's looking good, but I still need checks every three months. It's not in a great area, there's a passage in there that can be a gateway," she revealed to the publication.
However, after twelve months of treatments and healing, Deborah has come a long way - and she's taken to Instagram to share a positive update.
She posted two images beside each other, one from a year ago and another from now, and the phenomenal results are a great representation of how much can change.

"I can't believe it's been 12 months since surgery. But LOOK 👀 😁 #nomakeup over scar!
"Message is clear and simple...don't be afraid, don't put it off, don't delay...If you haven't had your skin checked with a professional in the last 12 months, it's time to get an appt. 🙏🏼.
"If I'd jumped on it sooner than I did I might have avoided such an invasive surgery. Just goes to show 🙄," Deborah wrote in her caption.
Deborah's industry friends congratulated her progress in the comment section, with Sam Armytage writing, "Incredible Deb xx," and Sylvia Jeffreys' commenting, "Amazing. 👏👏👏."
It was a lucky trip to the dermatologist that revealed underneath her healthy skin that there was skin cancer, and now Deborah is a big advocate for skin checks, and she has become an ambassador for the Skin Cancer Foundation Inc.
"Message is clear and simple...don't be afraid, don't put it off, don't delay." Instagram
In an Instagram post from June 2020, Deborah posted an update of the scar with an important message about early detection and prevention.
"I'm healing well 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 This is a shout out to all the beautiful people who have responded so positively to my original post on my Skin Cancer surgery. 🌸🌸🌸.
"Thank you so much for your support and the stories you've shared of similar experiences. It's overwhelming reading about the damage caused from over exposure to the sun 🌞.
"This is such an important message for all of us to be mindful and be active...
"Don't delay in getting your skin checked early and getting it checked often. Prevention is everything!" she wrote.

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