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Elsa Pataky warns Brie Larson: "Stay away from MY hubby!"

Too close for comfort?

By NW team
Avengers: Endgame is undoubtedly the most anticipated movie of the year, and all eyes are on the newest addition to the superhero squad, Brie Larson.
But now, it looks like Captain Marvel's flirty scenes with Thor may have spilled over into real-life.
Yep, rumours are swirling that Brie and Chris Hemsworth have grown just as close off-camera – and according to sources, his wife Elsa Pataky isn't happy about it!
"It's easy to see that Brie and Chris have great on-screen chemistry. They have a similar sense of humour and it's just natural between them. They get along really well," an insider tells NW.
"There's a lot of banter there and they enjoy teasing each other at every possible opportunity."
Although Elsa is used to her hunky hubby working with some of the most beautiful women in the world, including Scarlett Johansson and Tessa Thompson, she has more reason to be concerned when it comes to Brie.
After all, Brie is Hollywood's hottest property after earning an Oscar and a billion dollars at the box office – and the 29-year-old is also newly single after ending her three-year engagement to musician Alex Greenwald.
"Brie is riding high after the success of Captain Marvel and actors are falling over themselves to work with her," explains the insider.
"It doesn't help that she's stunning, smart and hilarious too. She's exactly the kind of girl that Chris would go for if he was single and that's not going to be lost on Elsa."
Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are #couplegoals - but is there trouble in paradise? (Source: Getty Images)
A flirtation between 35-year-old Chris and his sexy new co-star is the last thing that the Spanish actress needs right now. Elsa has been candid about the couple's "ups and downs" over the years and even once admitted that their marriage is "constant work".
She has also confessed that Chris's rise to stardom put pressure on their relationship. He too has opened up about how prioritising his family has affected his career.
"Most of the time they live a pretty laid-back life in Australia but whenever Chris is travelling the world for these big blockbusters, it reminds them both how much things have changed since they first started dating," says the insider.
"It makes sense that everything that comes with Chris's fame is going to have an impact on their relationship."
Brie Larson is reportedly having a "flirtation" with her married co-star. (Source: Getty Images)
While 42-year-old Elsa, who shares India, six, and five-year-old Tristan and Sasha with Chris, may be struggling to accept her husband's new friendship with Brie, he's insisting that they're nothing but good pals.
"Apparently, Chris is like a broken record trying to reassure Elsa that there's absolutely nothing going on between him and Brie. They're simply new friends and he's completely devoted to his wife. Chris would never so much as think of straying," adds the insider.
"But it's only natural that Elsa might get jealous from time to time. The pressures that have come with this movie haven't been easy on them. Elsa will probably be relieved when he can put 'Avengers' behind him for good!"
Brie and Chris have been travelling together for Avengers: End Game. (Source: Getty Images)
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