For better AND for worse! These celebrity exes are isolating together and honestly we'd kill to be a fly on the wall in their homes right now

We could NOT do this ...

By Rebecca Sullivan
For most of us, being forced to isolate with an ex sounds like absolute hell on earth.
But for a surprising number of celebrities and their former partners, they've decided to do just that during this current pandemic.
Believe it or not, not every celebrity breakup ends up as a messy, public disaster. These A-list former lovers have been able to put their differences aside, often for the sake of the children they co-parent together, and co-exist peacefully under the one roof.
Yep, these famous exes have managed to spend the past few months together in isolation - and so far it seems as though everyone involved is still alive and well.
Curious? Keep on scrolling to meet the former celeb couples happily living together in quarantine right now.