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“I feel like it’s all my fault": In 2018, Australia was rocked by a cricket ball tampering scandal - Candice Warner bore an unprecedented brunt

The wife of David Warner was caught up in the middle of the bombshell revelations.

By Jess Pullar
It was the scandal that left Australia shocked, and for many cricket fans, the ball tampering investigation of 2018 will go down as one of the most pivotal moments in the sports history.
But it wasn't just the Australian cricket players who were caught up in the middle of it - one woman, Candice Warner was also deeply affected by it.
But in the two years since, she's come a long way.

What was the 2018 ball tampering scandal?

The 2018 ball tampering scandal was an investigation surrounding the Australian cricket team after a player was caught on camera attemping to rough up one side of a cricket ball in their pocket with a piece of sandpaper.
After a full investigation, the team's captain Steve Smith and vice-captain David Warner were among those found to be involved, and they were dished a 12 month ban from Cricket Australia.
David Warner was caught up in the ball tampering scandal of 2018 along with his wife Candice. (Instagram)
Headlines were rife, and people were angry - and it definitely didn't go unnoticed by David and his wife, Candice Warner.
Speaking to the Daily Telegraph in 2018, Candice told the publication of her husband: "He is hurting. He is seriously, seriously struggling and he's not in a great headspace.
"He's just such an emotional wreck."
She continued: "I feel like it's all my fault and it's killing me — it's absolutely killing me.
"I haven't been much of a support because I've been a wreck. I'm really not well."
Candice blamed herself for the controversy. (Instagram)

What did Candice Warner do after the ball tampering scandal?

Candice Warner was clearly affected by the ball tampering scandal - in March of that year, she completely pulled back from her usual work and from the public sphere.
It wasn't without good reason. The former Iron Woman was being hurled abuse online.
Her publicist at the time and former friend Roxy Jacenko spoke on behalf of her as Candice pulled out of official events and photoshoots.
Her usual lively Instagram account was also temporarily paused as people raged in the comments sections of her pictures.

So where is Candice now?
Well, she's clearly moved on and upwards since the harrowing ordeal.
She is currently starring on Australian reality TV show SAS Australia, where she and a plethora of Australian celebrities are tasked with carrying out the gruelling challenges imposed on real service men and women.
Her determination and drive is clear on-screen - and given what she's been through in the last few years, it's no surprise.
We anticipate she'll come out of this stronger than ever. Watch this space...