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Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron: Yes! It's love

Hollywood's new power couple, team "Bralize", step out into the limelight.

When Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron teamed up to star in an ad campaign in March last year, they seemed like a perfect pairing.
"Their chemistry was pretty intense and they hit it off straight away," an insider close to both stars tells Woman's Day.
"From the get-go you could tell they were attracted to each other. Brad was captivated by Charlize and they'd spend a lot of time hanging out off the set between takes. People were commenting at the time what an amazing couple they'd make."
Now, 10 months on, 55–year-old Brad and Charlize, 43, have emerged as the new celebrity golden couple, and "Brangelina" has been replaced with "Bralize" by excited Tinseltown insiders.
With his big secret out in the open, friends tell Woman's Day Brad Pitt is already thinking about popping the question to the new love of his life!
"Brad didn't want to publicly date anyone until the drama with Ange had subsided," tells our insider.
"He's spent time focusing on himself and now that he and Ange have reached a custody agreement, Brad's ready to move full-steam ahead with his new life. He's over the moon!
"Brad and Charlize are a great match. They're both Hollywood royalty and he likes a woman who is strong and independent," adds our insider.
The pair hooked up after shooting an ad for watch company Breitling. (Both images: Getty)

Like for like

Since the coupling, sources have been quick to draw on astounding similarities between Charlize and Brad's ex Angelina Jolie – who have reportedly been locked in a bitter professional rivalry for years.
Besides both having difficult childhoods and battling drug demons, the actresses have each made their name playing fearless action women.
They're also tireless charity campaigners who have worked for the United Nations and are keen advocates of adoption. "They have parallel personalities, too," adds our source.
"They're both ruthlessly ambitious, highly intelligent women who are extremely picky about who they date. They'd rather be single than be with a man who isn't intellectually challenging."
Angie and Charlize have been "rivals for years." (Image: Getty)

Sean plays cupid

While Brad has laid low since his acrimonious split, mum-of-two Charlize's last major relationship was with Sean Penn, who she dated for 18 months before splitting in 2015.
And as Sean counts father-of-six Brad as a close friend, there are whispers he may have played Cupid for the new couple. "Sean's the kind of guy who wouldn't think twice about setting a friend up with his ex if it'd make them happy," our insider tells.
Working so intimately together on their ad campaign, our source adds.
"The reality is Brad and Charlize have moved in the same circles for years. When they finally got the chance to work together on the commercial, they jumped at the opportunity straight away."
"They're private people and cleverly kept their relationship out of the spotlight with secret dinner dates at their separate homes.
"But now, it looks like they're ready to share their love with the world."
WATCH: Angelina Jolie and all six of her kids walk the red carpet. Post continues after the video...

Shiloh picks the ring

After Woman's Day revealed last week that Shiloh has moved in with her dad, sources say she's helping him choose a ring! "Shiloh loves Charlize," one friend says.
"Brad wants the ring to be a standout. He's looking at square-cut diamonds."
Brad is thrilled Shiloh, 12, is keen to play her part. (Images L-R: Splash and Getty)

Angelina's jealous rage

While fans are thrilled to see Brad coupling up with Charlize, not everyone is happy.
Sources tell Woman's Day that Angelina, 43, is furious because she found out in the news like the rest of the world!
"She thought that when the time came for Brad to move on, he or one of their mutual friends would let her know before it became public knowledge," spills an insider.
"But she's fuming she's been blindsided!"
Ange is not happy she found out about the new romance when the rest of the world did. (Image: Getty)
With their tumultuous divorce turning into one of the ugliest splits in Hollywood history, Brad's romance is only driving a further wedge between the former couple, who share six children.
"Ange and Charlize have been rivals for years," adds our insider.
"But Brad doesn't care what she thinks. It must feel like the sweetest revenge!"

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