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“It shows the full spectrum of human emotion:” Bojana Novakovic on the very real portrayal of grief and love in her new series Love Me

Three perspectives, one family.

By TV Week team
Grief is an intimate process, unique to everyone experiencing it.
In Love Me, the notion of grief is explored through the perspective of three different generations in one family.
When the Mathieson family lose their mother, Christine (Sarah Peirse), each member is thrown into a crossroads, dealing with their anguish whilst trying to find their place in the world and navigate their own difficult love lives.
Catch Bojana's performance on BINGE. BINGE
There's Clara (Bojana Novakovic), a self-deprecating anesthetist in her late 30's whose relationship with her mum was strained.
Her little brother, Aaron (Will Lodder), 23, who feels lost without his mother to dote on him, and their father Glen (Hugo Weaving), 60's, who had spent his life caring for his wife after she was in a serious car accident.
Now, in the wake of her death, he feels aimless.
Australian actress Bojana Novakovic, who plays Clara, believes that the touching mini-series truly captures all the emotions that follow a death.
"It's a show that's about the co-existence of grief and love, death and love." BINGE
"It's a show that's about the co-existence of grief and love, death and love, told through the point of view of three different generations of a family who have lost their mother," Bojana tells TV WEEK.
"Everything from the script, and the wit and intelligence of the text to the visual physical intimacy tells the story of a human experience."
Helmed by celebrated Australian director Emma Freeman, Love Me doesn't shy away from capturing love in its rawest forms, something Bojana values strongly.
Especially when it comes to the mature relationship of Glen and Anita (Heather Mitchell).
The six part series comes to terms with "all life has to offer." Instagram
"I think it's really nice to see Hugo and Heather's relationship, watching love between two 64-65 year olds," she says, praising how older people are portrayed as sexual creatures just as much as a woman verging on 40 and a hormonal boy in his 20s.
In a six-part series, join the Mathisons as they come to terms with all life has to offer, from the sudden lows to the purest highs.
Love Me is a Drama and it's available now on Binge.

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