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Keanu Reeves dating Aussie actress Bojana Novakovic

Sparks fly between Keanu Reeves and his former co-star Bojana Novakovic!

By Chloe Lal
They starred in the 2012 flick Generation Um... together and now Keanu, 50, has been spotted enjoying an intimate dinner with Serbian-born Australian actress Bojana Novakovic, 33, in LA recently.
And it looks like the pair have remained close friends since working together and their flirty dinner suggests something else was on the menu!
Keanu and Bojana in 2013 flick, Generation Um...
Woman’s Day, on stands now, showcase snaps of Keanu and Bojana enjoying each other’s company as they chatted and sipped on red wine at La Poubelle Bistro & Bar in LA.
Bojana, who once dated Jason Segel, is NIDA graduate and has starred in a range of superb Australian productions including All Saints and more recently Rake.
To read more about Keanu and Bojana’s blossoming relationship and to see the cosy pics that sent the romance rumours into overdrive be sure to pick up this week's copy of Woman's Day - on stands now
Don't forget to pick up this week's copy of Woman's Day - on stands now!

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