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Florence Alexandra says goodbye to Bachelor in Paradise... And hello to Davey Lloyd. Again.

TV's most annoying love triangle is officially a thing of the past!

By Chloe Lal
Florence Alexandra provided the biggest plot-lines for our inaugural season of Bachelor In Paradise.
Sadly, the beauty, who was infamously stuck in the middle of a sticky love triangle between Jake Ellis and Davey Lloyd, only made it to episode three - failing to receive a rose.
But the 28-year-old Dutch stunner, who's currently frolicking through Bali, seems to be doing just fine.
In fact, Flo now admits that she and Davey are making a second go of things.
The brutal moment Flo didn't give Davey a rose.
"I wouldn't say we're in a relationship but we've been catching up and speaking to one another," she told the Daily Telegraph.
"We're good mates and we will see what happens."
Adding, "Watching the episodes back, I now believe everything he said. That he was smitten with me and if I would have kept him on the show we could have been something special."
Despite Davey's interest in the Dutch stunner...
Florence ended up pursuing things with Jake, who in the end didn't reciprocate and keep her on the show.
Flo explained why she explored things with Jake Ellis.
"When he came to Paradise he said he wanted to be with me and at the start put in so much effort and I appreciated that," she reflected.
"Now I can see he just wanted a rose and when he got it he brushed me."
"I was shattered and it broke my heart a little."
The 28-year-old revealed that since filming wrapped she had reached out to Jake following the tragic loss of his mum.
"That was really sad and of course I wanted to put our differences and arguments aside for that. But let's just say we're not going to catch up for coffee."
Despite everything, Jake says there's no bad blood between him and Flo.
For Jake's part, he tells Now To Love exclusively that there's no bad blood between him and his former lover.
"I've got no hard feelings for Florence whatsoever and I don't feel that she does with me either," he told us.
The Queensland local did explain why Megan scored his rose.
"We're all there for a reason and putting our heart on the line. Whether people don't believe it or not, I was there to find that person and I listened to my heart, not my head."

Jake also reflected despite having history and that fiery spark with Florence, in reality they'd never work.
"Florence is a lovely girl and she's got great banter and is a lot of fun."
"But her and I together, we're very fiery people. I don't feel that we would have worked, we just weren't a good match."
Taking a moment, Jake remarked, "The date that I had with Florence in contrast with the date that I had with Megan was amazing and something that I couldn't possibly ignore. Not only the chemistry, but the way I felt when I was around her."
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