EXCLUSIVE: "I made a mistake not picking Florence!" Bachelor in Paradise evictee Davey Lloyd tells all

The lovable larrikin has left the island, but he's still in contact with one island babe!

By Bettina Tyrrell
He was one corner of The Bachelor In Paradise love quadrangle and now fans of cheeky Davey Lloyd, the viewers favourite from Sam Frost's season of The Bachelorette, will be sad to see him depart from the island after he didn't receive a rose in the first rose ceremony.
There's no denying Davey went hard and fast on the dating show. He received the first date card on the show, he received the first kiss on the show from Leah Costa, and he quickly fell into a complicated love quadrangle after setting his sights on Florence Moerenhout, who has history with fellow Bachelor In Paradise contestant Jake Ellis, a mate of Davey's.
The 28-year-old certainly caused a stir during his short stay in paradise, but does he regret his swift moves and has he found love since? We caught up with him to find out...
Davey Lloyd missed out on a rose, but scored the show's first kiss!
Tell us, how did you feel when you didn't get a rose?
Well, it sucked. I felt like I made a mistake not picking Flo [Florence Moerenhout] at the start, but I thought what I was doing was morally right even though I did make a mistake.
You tried to do the right thing by your mate by not taking Florence on a date, how did you feel when Jake didn't do the same?
As much as it sucked, I was proud of myself because I just know that deep down my morals are correct, even though it sucked that it didn't work out for me, hopefully people on the show can understand that I've got my morals right.
There was a love triangle forming between yourself, Jake and Florence. Are you and Jake still mates?
Of course!
And what about Florence, you had feelings for her in Paradise, have you spoken to her since the show?
Yeah, I spoke to her last night and today. I speak to her a fair bit. I was a bit cranky, but you know I had to respect her decision. At the start of it, if I had picked her it wouldn't have gone down like that anyway.
Do you see a future for Jake and Florence?
I hope so. But they've had their differences before so unfortunately it might happen again. But for them I hope it works out.
Davey says it was a mistake not to take Florence (L) on a date when he had the chance. Instead he took Leah Costa.
Davey and Leah share the shows first steamy kiss.
There was a lot of discussion about Jake's reputation; what do you think about what Tara Pavlovic was saying about him?
We're mates and I don't want to comment on that. Something could get twisted and I respect Jake too much. He's a good bloke.
There seemed to be a lot more strategising to get a rose than there was flirting. Who do you think is on the island to truly find love?
Tara, Michael [Turnbull], Luke [McLeod]. I think a lot of people are. Everyone is really lovely there and I think they're all there for the right reasons.
Do you think the competition to secure a rose clouded what you were there for, to find love?
Definitely. It's an unreal situation. It's so hard to explain. There's a lot of pressure and mistakes do get made.
If you could do it again, what would you do differently?
It's hard to say, but I think I'd put myself first. I'd speak to Jake first but I guess in that situation I didn't really have a chance to.
What's next for you post Bachelor In Paradise?
Maybe meeting a girl normally [laughs]!
And how's that going for you? Have you met anyone special?
I've just been dedicating my time to work. I've just been doing me.