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Ada Nicodemou makes a big announcement to celebrate her special new role – and no, it’s not on TV.

Another member for her sweet family.

By Faye Couros
Ada Nicodemou's family has welcomed another special member into their world, and this new role comes with only the fun parts of raising a child.
This morning the Home & Away star took to her Instagram to share with her fans that she has become a godmother.
The special announcement featured pictures of her goddaughter Sofia with her parents, who are close friends of Ada's.
Ada's goddaughter Sofia and her parents. Instagram
Ada proudly captioned the pictures, "Could there be a cuter little girl ... can't wait to be your godmother Sofia ❤️❤️❤️."
The role of godparent is traditionally gifted to family members or close friends and the responsibility usually revolves around the more fun parts of life, like birthdays, school plays or outings to the zoo.
Fans in the commented extended their warm congratulations to the soap star, one fan shared, "She's absolutely gorgeous Ada ❤️," and another commented, "Omg @adanicodemou she is adorable ❤️."
Ada is already mum to eight-year-old Johnas Xipolitas and last week she revealed to Now To Love that he is already considering a career in the performing arts.
"Jonas loves to perform, loves to be in front of the camera and loves to dance," said Ada.
Ada and her son Jonas. Instagram
Although, the 43-year-old shared that she loves to watch her son's impromptu skits and performances, she also admitted she's not too keen on him putting all his eggs in the actor basket.
"I keep telling him that he needs to go off and do something else. He was saying to me just yesterday: 'Well, if I'm not going to be an international soccer payer mum, I think I'm going to be an actor.' And I'm like 'Oh, OK great! So one really hard industry into the other,'" said Ada.
It is fair that Ada may have some hesitations because after decades in the spotlight, Ada knows all too well just how brutal the industry can be.
'Well, if I'm not going to be an international soccer payer mum, I think I'm going to be an actor.' Instagram
"I'm more protective of him in that regard cause he's a very smart boy and he could do whatever he wants in life but I'm always trying to protect him a little bit from that side of the industry.
"The problem is with a lot of kids these days is that want to get into this field because it's about being famous and not about being a true actor," the mum-of-one points out.
"But he is a natural performer, definitely," Ada concedes.

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