Home and Away

Fighting with Leah AND for his life! Home And Away’s Justin is in huge trouble in shock new teaser

The couple are torn apart - could it be for good?

By Maddison Hockey
To say Summer Bay favourites Justin and Leah are having a rough time would be a dire understatement.
Having lost what is essentially their life savings, $90,000, the money intended for their house deposit, the couple are in panic mode.
"They want a place of their own where they can start creating memories together," Ada, 43, tells TV WEEK.
"They have the money. Cue real estate agent Susie, who helped them find a home."
But when the bank knocked back their loan application, Susie convinced the couple to go with a private lender before taking off with the cash.
Susie took off with Justin and Leah's money. (Seven)
It seems things are only set to get worse for the couple.
The stress of Susie's deceit and theft of their money has Justin and Leah at odds in a tantalising new teaser for upcoming episodes.
At one another's throats over the loss, the situation threatens to tear the couple apart.
"You didn't listen!" Leah screams at Justin, who abruptly responds: "You blame me, don't you?"
The couple have a screaming match in public. (Seven)
Things somehow go from very bad to deadly in a matter of moments.
"They need each other more than ever but things are about to take another unlucky turn for Justin and Leah. 😨" the Instagram post reads.
As an angry Justin heads out in to the surf to cool off, Leah follows him down to the beach.
Distracted and stewing on his anger Justin is suddenly hit from the side by a huge wave. Knocked from his board the surfer is pummelled by waves and struggles to make it to the surface.
From the shoreline Leah screams out in horror.
Oh no! (Seven)

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