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Abbie Chatfield called this menu 'sexist' and sparked outrage from thousands of Italian men - but women are backing her up

Where do you stand on the debate?

By Maddison Leach
Just days after Abbie Chatfield sparked debate with her "tone deaf" comments about not enjoying "rich people experiences", the Bachelor alum has found herself in hot water again.
Currently travelling through Italy with boyfriend Konrad Bien-Stephens, who appeared on Brooke Blurton's 2021 season of The Bachelorette, Abbie has been flooded with angry messages from Italian men.
What caused their outrage? An Instagram story in which Abbie commented on the "sexist" tradition of women being given menus without prices at some Italian restaurants.
Abbie Chatfield is on a Europe trip with boyfriend Konrad Bien-Stephens. (Image: Instagram)
During a luxury dinner earlier in the week, Abbie took to social media to share her confusion and frustration when her menu didn't have a single price listed.
At the time she blamed "the patriarchy" and noted that it seemed like a sexist tradition, before turning her focus to the food and moving on. But days later, Abbie's comments had made international headlines.
"I have made the Italian news because I spoke about getting a menu without prices and now I have lots of angry Italian men in my DMs saying I need to 'get some class' because I dared say I should know how much I'm paying," she explained in an Instagram Story.
The reality TV star joked that she's "upsetting men all over the world" before sharing several screenshots of messages she'd received from frustrated Italians.
Abbie addressed the backlash on her Instagram Stories. (Image: Instagram)
Some Italian locals who messaged the influencer said that it was common for "lady menus" not to show prices at expensive restaurants, branding her "ignorant and selfish" for calling out the practice as sexist.
Others stood by the star, sending in messages saying that they too found it sexist and were frustrated by how common it is in Italy.
Abbie reiterated that women being given menus without prices is sexist, adding that "the patriarchy harms [men] too" as they're automatically expected to pay.
Discussing the backlash on her Instagram stories, Abbie joked that she and Konrad were going to get "kicked out of Italy" before breaking down why she feels the tradition is outdated.
"A lot of sexist men in my DMs are saying it isn't about gender … but it is. It's sexist, the whole notion is sexist," she said.
"The idea comes from the fact that women can't support themselves, but I can support myself."
Abbie explained that even if some women don't find the "lady menu" offensive, the practice reinforces outdated ideas that women can't support themselves financially or must be reliant on men.
"If you like being paid for, that's great," she added, but said that she found the experience uncomfortable and wanted to speak candidly about it.
WATCH: Abbie Chatfield addresses two arguments over Italian menu backlash. Story continues after video.
Abbie later said that she never meant to call the restaurant out and that finding the tradition sexist didn't mean she thought the waitstaff or Italian culture itself is sexist.
This latest wave of backlash comes after Australians were left frustrated over the star complained about not enjoying "rich people experiences" while staying in a $15,000 hotel suite.
Given Abbie's comments came at a time when most Australians can't afford to travel, let alone indulge in luxury experiences, many Aussies found her claims "tone deaf".